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RHS Hispanic Students Celebrate Their Heritage: Odalis Calderon

Odalis Calderon discusses what makes the Hispanic culture so special.

If you have ever walked the hallways of Rome High School, it quickly becomes apparent that the makeup of their student body is an accurate reflection of the world we share. Students from all walks of life not only learn about other cultures but share parts of their heritage with their fellow classmates.

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked a few of our Wolves about the parts of their culture they would like to pass on to others. What we found is what bonds us as a nation is also very much a part of what makes the Hispanic culture so special.

Rome City Schools would like to say thank you all for your contributions to our schools and for your willingness to share your lives with us.

Odalis Calderon – “It is interesting how different people who have different cultures can join together as one. The festivals and colors that represent our Hispanic culture is awesome, and the food is also very good. I come from a small place that is full of energy and color. I feel like everyone should be able to experience it and speak about their own cultures. When sharing your heritage, you should never be afraid about what others may say. We have that here at Rome High School.”

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