Political Consultant Sentenced for Fraud Involving Scam PACs

A Maryland political consultant was sentenced to three years in prison today followed by three years of supervised release for fraudulently soliciting hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions through several scam political action committees (PACs)

USDA Announces School and Summer Meals Reforms

Under the school meals proposed rule, school nutrition professionals have more flexibility to serve appetizing and healthy meals that appeal to their students’ preferences and subsequently reduce food waste

Former Congressman Sentenced For Insider Trading Scheme, Lying To Federal Law Enforcement Agents

Collins notified his son Cameron, so that he could trade the stock ahead of the public announcement and avoid taking a substantial loss on the stock.

USDA Proposes Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Organizations

Under current regulations that govern USDA supported programs, religious providers of social services—but not other providers of social services—must make referrals under certain circumstances and must post notices regarding this referral procedure.

Trump Administration Releases “Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies: Automated Vehicles 4.0”

AV 4.0 unifies efforts in automated vehicles across 38 Federal departments, independent agencies, commissions, and Executive Offices of The President, providing high-level guidance to state and local governments, innovators, and all stakeholders on the U.S. government’s approach towards AVs.

US Attorney Pens Piece Against “Warrant Proof Encryption” on Digital Devices

Brown says encryption makes America a more dangerous place and that digital devices shouldn't have more protections than property in a person's home.

Defense bill to fund pay raise for military, civilian personnel

The $738 billion defense spending bill signed into law by President Donald J. Trump funds the largest pay increases in a decade.

Trump Administration Proposes New Rules to Increase Accountability and Availability of the Organ Supply

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services took major steps this week to increase the availability of organs for the 113,000 Americans on wait lists for lifesaving organ transplants – 20 of whom die each day.

Justice Department Files Statement of Interest Supporting Campus Free Speech

In both instances, Mr. Brown contends that he was brought to the campus police chief’s office, and was intimidated by the police chief and other campus officials. After these incidents, Mr. Brown says that he stopped engaging in expressive activity on campus for fear of disciplinary action or arrest.

USDA: SNAP Restored to Idea of “a Second Chance, Not A Way of Life”

The rule, the administration says, restores the system to what Congress intended: assistance through difficult times, not a way of life. It also emphasizes a work requirement for the able-bodied. What do you think?