DOJ & HUD Sign Interagency Memorandum on the Application of the False Claims Act

The MOU is part of a comprehensive plan to bring greater clarity to regulatory expectations within the FHA program, and fulfills a key component of the HUD Housing Finance Reform Plan.

Treasurer of Multiple PACs Pleads Guilty to Filing False Reports With The FEC

He was treasurer of approximately 52 PACs, including Conservative StrikeForce, Conservative Majority Fund, Tea Party Majority Fund and Conservative Majority SuperFund.

U.S. Dept of Commerce Further Tightens Cuba Sanctions

This will deal with commercial aircraft and other goods.

Court Backs VA Over Union-Limiting Executive Orders

One example of where the Executive Orders originated: VA employees spent more than a million duty hours on taxpayer-funded union time at a cost of more than $49 million.

U.S. and UK Sign Data Access Agreement to share info without legal barriers

The United States will have reciprocal access, under a U.S. court order, to data from UK communication service providers. The DOJ says will dramatically speed up investigations by removing legal barriers to collection of electronic evidence, but what is the cost?

Fmr. Congressman Pleads to Insider Trading, Lying to Feds

He resigned his seat in Congress the day before the plea.

U.S. Treasury Targeting Russian Financier who Attempted to Influence 2018 Elections

While the action only targets Russian actors, the U.S. Government says it is safeguarding democratic processes from adversaries — primarily Russia, Iran, and China — that may be seeking to influence the upcoming 2020 elections.

10 Planned Parenthood Chapters Leave Federal Grant Program

The funds awarded to family planning organizations were relinquished by grantees that left the Title X program rather than comply with statutory and regulatory requirements prohibiting federal funding where abortion is a method of family planning.

DOJ Announces Policy for Using Genealogy Websites to Solve Crimes

In a press release, the Department of Justice said the policy will "balance" the commitment to solving violent crimes and protecting public safety against "equally important public interests - such as preserving the privacy and civil liberties of all citizens." 

US Sends Additional Financial Assistance to Victims in Iraq

The most recent funding appropriation totals a little over $7 million.