Jimmy Kimmel, “The Walking Dead,” Others Fined by FCC

Combined, the companies agreed to pay over $600,000 in civil penalties, and each committed to a strict compliance plan to ensure such actions do not recur. 

Field of Schemes Fraud Results in Over a Decade in Federal Prison for Leader...

Randy Constant and Three Others Sentenced to Federal Prison for Their Roles in Fraud Involving More Than $120,000,000 in Grain Falsely Marketed as Organic

Customs Estimates Seizures Totaling $1.4 Billion in Counterfiet Goods

The report also reveals an upward trend in all categories of enforcement showing 381 individuals arrested, 296 indictments obtained, and 260 convictions related to intellectual property crimes.

Nigerian Man Sentenced to Prison for Role in $8.3 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme and...

A Nigerian man was sentenced to 46 months in prison on Monday for his role in a durable medical equipment (DME) scheme in which more than $8 million was fraudulently billed to Medicare for DME that was not medically necessary.

More Than 1.2M Acres Set to be Treated this Wildfire Season, Resources Mobilized across...

Last year was one of the most tragic years on record with more than 58,000 wildfires burning over 8.8 million acres. Additionally, nearly 26,000 structures were destroyed, more than double the previous annual record.

VA’s ‘Operation Song’ continues mission of telling stories through music

The organization says their programs create an opportunity to transform service related issues, injuries and illnesses into a structured, musical outlet as an enhancement of traditional therapies and/or treatments.

Fmr Blackwater Employee Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Murder in 2007 Shooting at Nisur...

He was convicted once, but the decision was reversed. A second trial led to a mistrial and a hung jury. The most receent trial yielded a guilty verdict after 5 days of deliberations. Now, he'll spend the rest of his life in prison.

Customs Officers Seize $663K in Unmarked Viagra Pills

The capsules, estimated to have an MSRP of more than $663,000, had been sent from Hong Kong.

’15 Most Wanted Fugitive’ Has Now Been On the Run for 45+ Years

In 1973, prison officials took Lester Eubanks to a shopping center in Columbus, Ohio, and allowed him to shop unescorted as a reward for good behavior.

VA and ‘Hiring our Heroes’ partner on military spouse hiring initiative

This is part of an effort to reduce the high unemployment rate for military spouses.