Former Atlanta Regional Commission employee charged with bribery and extortion

As detailed in the indictment, Hannon-White allegedly arranged some of the bribe payments by text, sending his bank account number to one training provider who then caused money to be deposited into Hannon-White’s account in exchange for receiving additional students.

Kemp Announces “Georgia Access” Health Waiver

The governor says Georgia Access will help lower insurance premiums, introduce greater choice in the private health insurance market, and strengthen small businesses across Georgia.

Ga SOS Releases List of Voter Files to Be Purged

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office is making routine and legally required updates to Georgia’s voter file that will reduce the size of the voter roll by 4 percent. The list contains 313,243 records. These updates are required by federal and state law in order to ensure that the state has the most up-to-date voter information.

20 New Appointments Made by Governor

20 people were recently sworn in to various state boards and commissions by Governor Brian Kemp.

Fmr Coastal Georgia Public Official Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion

The scheme resulted in nearly $700,000 in unpaid federal taxes

Group Changes Georgia Senate Races from “Leans GOP” to “Likely GOP”

National observers have altered the potential U.S. Senate race outcomes as Democrats continue to seek candidates for both seats in Georgia in 2020.

Labor Union Endorses U.S. Senate Candidate

One candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia has been endorsed by a labor union - the first in the race.

Libertarian Party of Georgia Appeals Ballot Access Lawsuit

The quest for expanded ballot access in Georgia is not over despite a recent court ruling partially stopping the fight.

DCA Announces Georgia’s First ‘Broadband Ready Community’

Although rural Georgia continues to face challenges in having access to high-speed Internet, one county is breaking barriers as the first in the state to be named a Broadband Ready Community by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

Landowner’s 6-Year Legal Battle with Hinesville Heads to Court

A family with deep roots in the City of Hinesville and south Georgia’s Liberty County is headed to court this week in hopes of finally settling a legal battle that has pitted a property owner against a local government, involved environmental agencies from all levels of government, and run up the tab for legal fees and resource consumption for more than six years.