Catoosa Commissioners Considering Restricting Public Input at Meetings

The Catoosa County Board of Commissioners is set to consider an amendment to the commission meeting rules and procedures at the next meeting and citizens worry that the measure would stifle free speech.

Georgia Will Get a New Director for Judicial Watchdog Agency

The state agency is responsible for serving as the judicial watchdog arm of court oversight and it is taking applications over the course of the month.

New Leaders at State Transportation Board Selected

The State Transportation Board elected its new executive leadership team at their Board meeting.

Abrams Voting Initiative to Move into 20 States for 2020

Spearheaded by Stacey Abrams, Fair Fight 2020 is a comprehensive initiative by Fair Fight PAC to staff, fund, and train voter protection teams in battleground states across America.

Kemp Holds Swearing-In Ceremonies for 21 Appointees

Governor Brian P. Kemp held swearing-in ceremonies earlier this week for 21 appointees

Local Govs in Evans, Screven Quick to Censor Public Comment Despite Constitutional Protections

Local government meetings are supposed to be a forum where citizens can observe official business of governing bodies, petition for reprieve, air grievances, and ask questions, but observations of public comment practices often show a trend toward censorship and eradication of public participation as a whole - unless citizens are offering support or compliments of the governing body. 

Ga Congressman Wants Justice Kavanaugh’s White House Records

One Georgia Congressman is joining a colleague in seeking additional records on SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Use of Bryan Co. Tax Dollars to Prop Up Private Nonprofit Violates State Constitution

Bryan County has been funneling tax dollars to a nonprofit organization for at least seven years - a clear violation of the state constitution’s gratuities clause prohibiting such acts. 

Gov. Kemp to State Government: Cut Wasteful Spending, Streamline Operations

Kemp has instructed all state government offices to develop proposals to reduce spending by 4% in the amended fiscal year 2020 budget and 6% in the fiscal year 2021 budget.

GA Supreme Court Says Prosecutor in Murder Trial Was Deliberate with Mistrial

Georgia's highest court recently weighed in on a malice murder trial, ruling that the prosecutor's actions were deliberate to force a mistrial so the suspect could be tried again.