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AllOnGeorgia is a hyper-local community-oriented news organization focused on state and local news and commentary from every corner of the state.

AllOnGeorgia was launched in 2015 by former Georgia state representative Delvis Dutton in an effort to bring smaller, rural communities relevant and important news that is otherwise not reported. From the local city hall to the Georgia State Capitol, the purpose of AllOnGeorgia remains focused on a clear distinction between reporting and commentary with transparency and accountability at the forefront.

Based out of rural southeast Georgia, AllOnGeorgia now covers local content in 40+ counties in the state. Our business model combines our traditional website with social media platforms – where we live-stream government meetings, feature community spotlights, and engage readers to participate in the reporting process.

AllOnGeorgia is funded primarily through advertising revenue and donations to the AllOnGeorgia Accountability Fund.

Opinion Piece Policy

AllOnGeorgia has a strict policy on opinion articles published on our website. Any editorial or opinion article must be clearly labeled ‘OPINION’ or ‘COLUMN’ in the headline and must have a disclaimer in the beginning of the article indicating the viewpoints expressed are those of the author and not those of AllOnGeorgia. AllOnGeorgia does not edit or revise opinion piece articles for content.

Contact us if you’d like to submit an opinion piece, have questions, or would like to offer feedback.