Op Ed: Potential Heightened Risk of Child Exploitation Due To Increased Time Spent Online

I write today to raise our collective awareness of this issue as we all adjust to the rhythms of life during COVID-19. This type of exploitation thrives in secret.

Faith in Crisis: The Coronavirus Pandemic

OPINION: "Whether it be divine anger because of our tolerance of poverty, complicity in political corruption, economic greed, and the proliferation of violence, many people have concluded that this is punishment where we needed to be taught a lesson."

FAITH COLUMN: Interruption

OPINION: Pastor Woody Jarrett talks about 'Interruptions' in his latest faith column. "We can only hope that families will use this time to reset their homes, set new goals and reprioritize the important things. "

COLUMN: Georgia families can trust President Trump to restore our prosperity after the pandemic

OPINION: Ginger Howard says Georgians can trust President Trump to restore our strong economy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s demonstrated once before that he can engineer a rapid economic recovery, and this time he’s laying the groundwork in advance. 

COLUMN: Black America: President Trump sees you, and he is fighting for you

OPINION: Dr. Alveda King says "[t]here is nobody who has fought to preserve these values more than President Trump, whose dedication to providing opportunities for all Americans enabled the black community to achieve record-setting prosperity before the pandemic brought much of the economy to a screeching halt."

COLUMN: The Plan to Reopen Georgia Is Working Just Like It Should

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi says the plan to reopen Georgia is all about choice and that's exactly why it's working how it should. "But never in a million years would I have imagined the rub with people would be that they wanted Governor Kemp to issue more orders and mandates about what they should do with their personal lives."

COLUMN: COVID-19 Exposes the Need for More Automation

OPINION: Marc Hyden says COVID-19 has exposed our lack of preparedness and forced many to realize that the technologies, like automation, that special interest groups and some governments have shunned could have limited the virus’s devastation.

COLUMN: Immigrant Workers Filling Essential Roles Are At Risk Of Deportation. The Time To...

OPINION: "With continuous efforts to terminate immigration programs, and now with a global health crisis, my future is in constant danger. But Congress can help change this and the time to act is now. I urge lawmakers to act swiftly to provide protections for immigrants who are at the frontlines of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, whether working on the farms, providing health aide to the elderly or helping in our hospitals."

COLUMN: The day legislative oversight died

State Rep. Sheri Gilligan says legislative oversight died with the way the Georgia legislature handled the extension of Governor Kemp's emergency declaration.

State School Superintendent: “We must choose compassion over compliance”

"Our focus during this time should be on compassion over compliance," Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods said of the era of 'crisis learning.'