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Georgia Senator Clint Dixon Presents First Bills in the Senate

Senate Bills 33 and 34 would create new protections for victims of human trafficking.

Georgia Senator Clint Dixon (R – Gwinnett) presented his first sponsored bills as a senator on Thursday, February 11, 2021. Sen. Dixon’s first two pieces of legislation, Senate Bills 33 and 34, would create new protections for victims of human trafficking.

“These two pieces of legislation are crucial for protecting one of the most vulnerable sections of our state’s population,” said Sen. Butch Miller (R – Gainesville). “I am proud of Sen. Dixon for bringing these bills to our attention and speaking to them in an eloquent and efficient way, even through our Senate tradition of lighthearted questioning. I am excited to see where Sen. Dixon’s passion for service takes him and I look forward to supporting him along the way.”

Senate Bill 33 would give victims of human trafficking the ability to sue their perpetrators for damages and attorney’s fees up to ten years after the cause of action occurs or after the victim turns 18 years old. Senate Bill 34 would allow victims of human trafficking to petition a court for a name change and keep the change under seal. Both bills passed in the Senate with unanimous support and are currently awaiting passage in the House. For more information on these bills you can visit the Senate website here:

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