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The New Year brings an additional option for teens and even older drivers who need a road test for a Georgia driver’s license.

Georgians still have the opportunity to take road tests at a DDS center, but they also have the flexibility of taking the driver’s test with an approved driver’s education instructor after completing a driver’s education program.

This is a result of legislation approved by the Georgia legislature in 2019.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services Commissioner applauded the public-private partnership for improving services and efficiency for the betterment of Georgia citizens.  “DDS is pleased that this partnership with third party testers provides another option for obtaining a road skills test for licensing.  It makes sense that students completing driver training at an approved school should be able to be tested by one of the program’s approved instructors,” DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore said in a news release.

Drivers who opt to take the test with an approved instructor receive a “Road Test Certificate” if they pass the road test. The “Road Test Certificate” is taken to any DDS Center to receive a driver’s license without any additional tests.

Customers will have to schedule testing directly with the driver education program but tests taken at the DDS center can still be scheduled through the official app DDS 2 GO, online, or by calling the center directly.

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