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FCC: $4.9 Billion Approved for Rural Broadband Over 10 Years

More than $49 million is expected to be sent to Georgia companies to expanded access to more than 10,000 homes and businesses.

In a continued effort to close the digital divide, the Federal Communications Commission recently authorized over $4.9 billion in support over the next decade for maintaining, improving, and expanding affordable rural broadband for 455,334 homes and businesses served by 171 carriers in 39 states and American Samoa, including 44,243 locations on Tribal lands.

Pro Roof GA

The support is targeted to smaller rural carriers, traditionally known as “rate-of-return” carriers.  These carriers agreed this year to accept subsidies based on the FCC’s Alternative Connect America Cost Model, or A-CAM, which provides predictability, rewards efficiency, and provides more value for each taxpayer dollar.  The homes and businesses are located in sparsely populated rural areas where the per-location price of deployment and ongoing costs of providing broadband service are high, requiring support from the FCC’s Universal Service Fund to facilitate network improvements and keep rates reasonably comparable to those in urban areas.

In return for the support that is being approved, carriers must maintain, improve, and expand broadband throughout their service areas, including providing service of at least 25 Megabits per second downstream and 3 Mbps upstream to over 363,000 locations, including more than 37,000 locations on Tribal lands.  Providers will be held accountable through an enforceable schedule for delivering improved and expanded service, with the first interim deployment obligation occurring in 2022.

“Our action today will help close the digital divide and is a win-win for rural Americans and taxpayers,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “Carriers get the predictable support they need to deliver broadband to their customers in these high-cost rural areas.  And taxpayers, who fund this support through a fee on their phone bills, are getting more bang for their buck.”

The following is a list of states where companies will receive support, with 10-year support amounts and the number of homes and businesses supported (locations):

State Support/10 Years  Locations
Alabama $19,825,294               2,595
Arkansas $62,214,235               6,888
American Samoa $14,469,062               4,299
Arizona $160,088,333             13,484
California $13,223,026               1,370
Colorado $179,586,635             12,764
Florida $5,655,003               1,025
Georgia $49,280,605             10,182
Iowa $460,719,134             38,609
Idaho $49,972,977               4,914
Illinois $116,625,196               8,640
Kansas $191,194,499             14,395
Louisiana $29,102,935               5,111
Maine $29,859,618               5,700
Michigan $62,810,523             10,002
Minnesota $569,183,965             55,520
Missouri $246,463,936             25,232
Mississippi $7,156,222               1,644
Montana $160,160,797             14,048

North Carolina

$68,079 36
North Dakota $590,652,649             41,578
Nebraska $124,459,058               9,133
New Hampshire $323,936                  157
New Mexico $13,606,063               1,319
Nevada $5,400,558                  675
New York $8,208,810               1,137
Ohio $8,972,161               1,404
Oklahoma $102,292,229             10,559
Oregon $67,639,694               4,689
Pennsylvania $3,097,897                  696
South Dakota $705,494,791             55,089
Tennessee $43,286,914             10,883
Texas $305,458,058             23,424
Utah $71,858,677               6,884
Virginia $22,940,420               5,096
Vermont $13,651,766               3,620
Washington $13,934,600               2,037
Wisconsin $163,137,873             21,080
West Virginia $50,405,479               5,531
Wyoming $171,945,431             13,885
Total $4,914,427,137 455,334

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