Screven Co. Sheriff Wants Guns Banned at Recreation Department

Screven County’s top law enforcement official wants firearms banned on county recreation department property.Sheriff Mike Kile asked Commissioners Tuesday morning to consider enacting a...

Effingham Commissioners to Vote on Fire Services Agreement with Guyton

The Effingham County Board of Commissioners will vote Tuesday on whether or not the county will formally enter into an agreement with the City...

$1.5 Million in CBDG Grants Headed to the City of Sylvania

The City of Sylvania is set to receive a financial windfall for economic development and sewer system improvements thanks to two grants awarded by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

RUNDOWN: Screven Development Authority Meeting – August, 27, 2019

The Screven County Development Authority convened for their regular meeting on August 29. The 8:00 A.M. was attended by Chairman Bobby Smith, board members...

LANDFILL DOCS: Draft Minutes Conflict with Commission Vote, AWS Application Cites Expired Ordinances

See the full conditional land use application filed by Atlantic Waste Services as well as the most recent commission meeting minutes.

Atlantic Waste Files Application for Land Use in Screven Despite Moratorium

The Green Meadows Solid Waste Disposal & Recycling facility posted on social media Wednesday morning stating that a zoning application had been filed in...

Screven Commissioners Impose 3 Month Moratorium on Land Use Applications

The moratorium will halt land use applications for 3 months while county officials develop a Solid Waste Management Plan in the face of the proposed landfill.

ANALYSIS: Financial Impacts on Property Values, Counties with Landfills

While the county stands to benefit financially from the revenue generated and given to the county directly, information is conflicting as to whether or not residents in certain proximities of a landfill will receive a substantial enough benefit to offset economic and environmental impacts.

Group Requests Bulloch Courthouse Display 10 Commandments, 9 Other Historical Documents

County Attorney Jeff Akins advised Commissioners to do research before making an official decision