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RSLC Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Targeting Regretful Biden Voters in Democrat Target States

The campaign will run on digital platforms in Democrat-controlled states

RSLC Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Targeting Regretful Biden Voters in Democrat Target States 

New Spot Encourages Those Suffering the Side Effects of “Biden Remorse” to Vote for State Republicans in November

Washington D.C.— The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today announced a six-figure ad campaign targeting Americans who regret voting for Joe Biden and his alleged “return to normalcy” in 2020, as they are now being dealt higher prices, a lack of control in their children’s education, and fear of crime in their once-safe neighborhoods. The first spot of the new multi-ad “Biden Remorse” campaign instructs those experiencing negative side effects of Biden’s leadership to vote in November for state Republicans who will fight back against the President’s failing agenda and get the country back on track.

The campaign will run on digital platforms in Democrat-controlled states, including Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Washington.

“Joe Biden’s failures have inflation soaring, crime raging, education under attack, and swing voters around the country realizing they made the wrong decision in 2020,” said RSLC President Dee Duncan. “Although there’s no 1-800 number they can call to get rid of our awful President, these Americans can cure their Biden Remorse by electing more state Republicans who will hold the line against Washington’s failures and rid life in their states of the chaos we have seen during the last 15 months.”


The ad will also drive regretful Biden voters to a new microsite,, where they can sign up for updates from the RSLC on how to vote in their state legislative races.


Watch “Back to Normal” HERE.


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NARRATOR: Attention Biden voters! If you voted for Biden in 2020, you’ve been exposed to failures and false promises. As a result, you may be suffering from a case of Biden Remorse. Common side effects include: skyrocketing prices for your gas and groceries, lack of input in your child’s education, rampant crime in your once safe neighborhood, and embarrassment towards your nation. It’s not your fault and there’s a solution. Elect state Republicans this November. Let’s get back to normal. 



This is the second paid media effort the RSLC has launched since announcing its state legislative target states last month. The “Biden Remorse” campaign also comes after an RSLC battleground survey earlier this year found that voters by a double digit margin favor a Republican candidate for the state legislature who will act as a check and balance on President Biden. The states where the new ad is running are all targets for the committee. Messaging against Biden and the failures of Democrat-controlled Washington was a key part of the RSLC’s strategy when it helped flip Virginia’s House of Delegates in 2021.


Press release via Republican State Leadership Committee, 1201 F Street NW #675, Washington, DC 20004 United States
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