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Wayne Memorial Hospital Presents $5,000 to Screven City Council to Brighten Fireworks Show

Wayne Memorial Hospital recently donated recycling proceeds to the city of Screven for the annual fireworks show.

From WMH:
At the Screven City Council Meeting Monday evening, June 4, Wayne Memorial presented $5,000 to the council to go toward the annual fireworks show. By recycling an approximate 26 tons of cardboard annually, and in partnership with Envirocycle and Interstate Paper, the hospital is able to net $5,000 in proceeds. Those proceeds are then donated to Screven for the show, which will take place this year on Saturday, June 30th.

Emma Lou Thompson, the hospital’s director of human resources and Screven resident says, “It’s my pleasure to donate these proceeds on behalf of the hospital to the Screven City Council. The celebration always draws a large crowd and we look forward to it every year. We also want to thank the city for hosting such a quality fireworks show for our area.”

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