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Reidsville Public Safety Report – April 2016

At Reidsville’s regular council meeting on Monday, May 9th, both Police Chief Dianne Sapp and Fire Chief Jimmy Kirkland both reported to the council the following statistics:

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The Reidsville Police Department responded to a total of 968 calls in April.

  • 6 traffic accidents
  • 5 investigations, added to the 6 left over from March for a total of 11 investigations.
    • 4 of those were solved, leaving 11 unsolved
  • 56 citations were issued
  • 11 citations originated from the license plate tag reader
  • 6 warnings were issued
  • 3 DUI’s were cited
  • 4 drug citations and 2 narcotic cases

The police department collected $8,678 in fines, $2,240 in fines from tag readers, $6,318 from Middle Georgia Probation, and $580 in community service fees for a total of $17,819 collected in April.


The Reidsville Fire Department responded to 11 calls in April. 7 of the calls were in the City of Reidsville, 4 were in the county. They used a total of 600 gallons, 400 of which were used in the City and 200 out in the county.

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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