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The former City of Glennville Police Department clerk who was charged with theft by taking of city funds and identity fraud has been sentenced in Tattnall County Superior Court.

Court documents show that Linda Jean Thompson pleaded guilty to one count of identify fraud and 48 counts of theft by taking. It was entered into the Clerk’s office on August 8, 2018. The plea was negotiated with the District Attorney’s office and signed by Superior Court Judge Jay Stewart. Thompson was sentenced to 10 years on each count, to be served concurrently, and five years for the identity fraud, served concurrently with the theft charges. It was discharged under the First Offender Act, which means the guilty judgements are deferred for the term of her probation. Her plea agreement is as follows:

  • The 10 year sentence shall be served on probation
  • The probation supervision fee is waived by the court
  • The Public Defender Application Fee is waived
  • The attorney’s fees are waived
  • She will serve 140 to 180 days at the detention center 
    • She must report to the Tattnall County Jail on August 26, 2018 at 5:00 P.M.
  • Thompson will undergo evaluation and treatment for substance abuse
  • Pay restitution of $12,985.00 to the City of Glennville

The terms of probation mean that Thompson can be drug and alcohol tested periodically, she cannot carry a weapon, she’ll be required to abide by a curfew, and she will be required to complete community service at the direction of probation staff.

The sentence may be terminated after five (5) years probation if all terms are in compliance and the restitution is paid in full. If, at any time, the First Offender Act terms and/or probation terms are violated, the First Offender Act will be retracted and the Court can enter an adjudication of guilt and sentence Thompson to the maximum term.

The Glennville Police Department called in the GBI in early 2016 after PD investigators noticed missing money from fines that had been paid to the City. Thompson oversaw the funds and investigations found that $10,000 were not accounted for in 2015.

For reference, documents related to the court case can be found in the Tattnall County Superior Court under Criminal Action #2017-R-109JS

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Jessica Szilagyi
Jessica Szilagyi is a Statewide Contributor for She focuses primarily on state and local politics as well as issues in law enforcement. She has a background in Political Science with a focus in local government and has a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia. Jessica is a "Like It Or Not" contributor for Fox5 in Atlanta and has two blogs of her own: The Perspicacious Conservative and "Hair Blowers to Lawn Mowers."


  1. So she steals all of this money from the city/county/state and the fact that the probation supervision fee’sas well as the attorney fee’s and all the other fee’s are simply dismissed. That’s like helping her to pay the restitution’s. It’s amazing how easy people charged with “white collar crimes”, or at least people who work in the judicial system, get way less true justice than your average person would. I just don’t understand the “law” and how it “works”!!!

  2. I don’t want this to be taken wrongly & I’m not condoning what she was charged with but of what I understand by the article, she is charged with 48 counts of theft with 10 years probation for each count will equal 480 years probation, plus 5 years probation for fraud which totals 485 years probation, pay $12,985.00 restitution & serve time.
    Murderers are getting free legal services, serve time & get paroled. I’ve never heard of anyone having probation for 480 years.
    I was shocked when I read that. Did I misunderstand the article? I was thinking it sounded pretty hard.
    She’s paying the money back, serving time & probation. What other punishment would there be? Stoning her to death?
    If I understanding the article correctly, how is she getting away with anything?

  3. Yes you misunderstood the article Wondering. The sentence of 10 years per count is concurrent time. That means the years are to be served at the same time not seperately.

  4. Wow! I am from Glennville Georgia and I got my license taken away for driving on my medicine. That by the way, the Glennville police knew for over a year that I took medicine. But on New Years Eve two dirty cops decided I could no longer drive on my medicine. Took me in for a blood test, got a $300.00 fine BUT because it was my second in five years they wanted me to put the interlock thing in my car! Now I no longer drank then not do I know so I have been driving for 9 years with no license because I refuse to pay all that money for something to be put in my car to make sure I’m not drunk, when I do not drink!!! They make up their own law’s in Glennville! Always has and always will! It’s all about who you know!!!! Just like this case. If I had done that I would never see the outside of a jail again. But all her fees were dismissed! Wow just wow!!! One reason I don’t live there anymore and never will live there again!!


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