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What’s Tickin’ in Tattnall – May 2017 Commission Meeting Highlights

Board of Commissioners Meeting Highlights – Monday, May 1, 2017

Chairman Jackie Trim opened the meeting with a story and the Pledge of Allegiance. The Invocation was given by Pastor Hibberts from Glennville United Methodist Church.

The Commissioners approved the Consent Agenda, which included approving the minutes from the April meeting.

The Commissioners moved on to “Old Business” which encompassed resuming discussion on the purchase of new analog/digital radios for the road department. The issue was tabled in April after Commissioner Bobby Kennedy requested the department look into refurbished and used radios as well.

  • Road Superintendent Kenny Hicks reported that the Department was able to purchase 2 used radios. Previously, the department requested 12 radios, however, upon review, it was decided only 7 were needed, leaving the county to purchase 5 additional radios.
  • A decision was made to purchase 5 radios from Monroe Communications for $712 each. There is an $85 installation fee and one-time start up cost.  This will also allow the County to get out of the Southern Linc contract.
  • Motion by Bobby Kennedy, Second by Edward Kennedy.

On to new business:

  • Commissioners heard from Charlton Rogers regarding insurance costs for the upcoming fiscal year. The original rate increase was for 24%, but after negotiations was brought down to 16%.
    • Last year, Tattnall County had a 158% loss ratio. (For a company to break even, they have to have an 80% loss ratio, so 158% means Tattnall was 78% over the loss ratio)
    • Rogers reported several major claims for employees that are ongoing
      • Coupled with the loss ratio means shopping around for better rates would be difficult and pricey
      • Benefits received by the county can’t be found out in the marketplace
    • Rogers recommended the plan below, which is an increase of $35 per pay period. Costs to the county are also displayed on the PDF file.
    • A motion was made by Bubba Burkhalter and seconded by Wayne Tatum.

Below is the PDF of the Insurance changes. [If you’re reading on mobile, click here]

  • The Commissioners voted to appoint Andrea A. Levant to replace Mrs. Rosemary Thompson, who resigned, on the Tattnall County Library Board
  • A credit card policy was adopted for each of the following:
    (The policy is a model of the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia)

    • Elected Officials Purchasing Policies: Sheriff Sapp is the only elected official eligible to use the credit card but the policy adopted will allow other departments to follow the same procedures.
      • The Sheriff’s Office will be responsible for receiving and reconciling the monthly credit card bills and the county will issue payment
    • Employee Purchasing Policies: In the instance of the Sheriff, this will be apply to the Chief Deputy who is the only authorized person to make purchases other than Sheriff Sapp.
    • The cards are through State Bank and Trust in Glennville, as it was the only bank that offered the service needed.
    • A Motion was made by G.W. Thompson and seconded by Bobby Kennedy.
    • For background on the credit card needs, read the April highlights.
  • The Commissioners approved the exploration into a replacement motor grader for the currently owned 2003 model – it is currently in need of $30,000 in repairs.
    • County Manager Frank Murphy said the high costs of repairs do not outweigh the benefits of trading in the 2003 model for parts and applying the credit to the purchase of new (or newer) motor grader.
    • Murphy was directed to explore estimates and bring back additional information to the Commissioners.
    • A Motion was made by G.W. Thompson and seconded by Bobby Kennedy.
  • The Commissioners approved the property easements for:
    • District 1 – Lou Graham
    • District 5 – Jesse Johnson
    • District 5 – James Jarriel
      • Motion made by Bubba Burkhalter and seconded by Bobby Kennedy
  • A letter from the Tattnall County Young Farmers was recognized after the Commission supported the recent Tattnall County Young Farmers Livestock Show.
  • County Manager Frank Murphy reported that the 2nd quarter financials ending 3/31/17 shows the county operating at 46% of the budgeted expenditures (ideal is 50%) so the county is 4% under the expected expenses.

In Executive Session:

  • The Commissioners discussed the pending GBI investigation in the County Tax Commissioner’s Office, but it is too soon to take action
  • Discussed a possible offer on the county lot
  • Made a decision to advertise for a crew leader for the road department

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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