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The Reidsville City Council voted Monday to allow citizens to decide whether or not they want alcohol sales to be legal inside city limits on Sundays.

Business owner Michael Patel requested that the city council consider placing a referendum on the ballot during the November election to allow voters to decide whether or not beer and wine can be sold on Sundays – after noon – in the City of Reidsville.

Patel owns two convenience stores in the city limits and Mayor Sydney Clifton said Patel reached out to him in February about the possibility of a referendum.

Currently, residents will travel to Metter and Vidalia. Clifton said, “I’m glad we don’t have to vote on something like [that]. I’m glad it’s left up to the voters.”

The November election is set for the first Tuesday – November 7th.

The vote to place the referendum on the ballot was unanimous, though Councilman Doug Williams was not present. A motion was made by Councilman Curtis Colwell and seconded by Councilwoman Lindsey Bennett.

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Jessica Szilagyi
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