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Delvis Dutton Launches Campaign for State House District 157

Founder and Market Development Director Delvis Dutton announced Tuesday that he plans to return to the Georgia House of Representatives, which serves Tattnall, Evans and a portion of Wayne counties. Announcing a campaign “focused on fiscal responsibility, ethical transparency in government, and a return to the founding principles of our state and nation,” Dutton seeks to take back the seat he held for four years before answering a calling to run for Congress in Georgia’s 12th district.

In a press release, Dutton said:

“I want to return to Atlanta to not only finish what I started with the Appeal to Heaven movement, but to continue to push for a state government that is transparent and accountable to taxpayers.”

Dutton continued, “When I previously served in the legislature, I was committed to being a responsible steward of our tax dollars while leading a caucus of legislators in restoring our rights, fighting harmful legislation, and ensuring our district was well-represented. I have a proven track record of fighting for the 157th, regardless of the political cost.”

Dutton previously served the 157th district from 2010-2014.

He has a Facebook page for his campaign.

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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