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FREE Donut at Dunkin on ‘National Donut Day’ June 3

Dunkin’ is giving away free donuts on June 3 for National Donut Day!

On National Donut Day, June 3rd, Dunkin’ is celebrating ambitious accomplishments big and small. Life is busy – full of things to check off our to-do list. Finished your term paper just before the deadline? That calls for a donut! Finally got to work on your one-woman show? Well, that calls for a donut, too. Because this National Donut Day, everyone can get a FREE donut with their Dunkin’ beverage purchase.

That’s right…On June 3rd, get a FREE donut from Dunkin’ with any beverage purchase in celebration of National Donut Day. It’s that easy; enjoy a delicious donut – frosted, glazed, filled, or sprinkled – on us. The hardest part will be choosing which Dunkin’ sip you’ll enjoy that day, and which donut you’ll pair it with.

Donuts from Dunkin’ are not only a great reward for crushing it on National Donut Day – they’re a delightful reward every day. Because whatever you do, however you do it – when the mission is accomplished, there’s no sweeter celebration than a delicious donut from Dunkin’.

Made it from Point A to Point B without hitting traffic? That calls for a donut! Finished your term paper just before the deadline? Well, that calls for a donut, too. The reasons for celebrating are endless – it’s up to you to find them as you celebrate little victories worthy of a quick Dunkin’ run.

Dunkin’s special offer to ring in the holiday is good all day on National Donut Day, Friday, June 3rd, at participating Dunkin’ locations, while supplies last.


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