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Governor Kemp Joins Fox and Friends to Discuss New School Year, Mask Mandates

This morning, Governor Kemp joined Fox and Friends to discuss the start of the 2021-2022 school year and encourage more Georgians to talk to their doctor about getting vaccinated.

“Georgians have been dealing with this pandemic and the reopening of our economy and schools since this time last year – and we were one of the first states in the country to do that. We don’t need mandates to know what to do. We need to talk to people about getting vaccinated to protect themselves from the Delta variant and these other variants that are out there. We’re starting to see our vaccination rates go up.”

“These mandates haven’t worked, and it makes it worse when the federal government is not consistent. I’ve been consistent for 15 months. We’ve got mixed messages coming out of the White House, CDC, and NIH, and that’s why people don’t trust the government anymore when it comes to COVID guidance. Mandates don’t work. We need to trust people to do the right thing at the local level.”

Watch the full interview here.


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