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FAITH COLUMN: Door of Opportunity

Jesus says, “I am the door”. Matthew 7:7 tells us to “knock and the door will be opened to you”. Many of us knock in prayer upon the door (our Lord), but when it opens to us, we become afraid.

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Recently, I pulled up to a building I had never entered before. The date for the event I was attending had been on my calendar for some time and I was looking forward to it. My arms were filled with items so I wouldn’t have to make another trek back to my car. I parked right next to the door so I was confident I wouldn’t drop anything between the car and the door.

Door number one read employee access only. Still determined, I hoisted all my belongings and thought the main entrance that faced the road was my best bet. That door was locked. This was a very large square building with doors on every side. I made it three-fourths of the way around the building to finally find a door that would open to me. The whole time I was thinking, if I were watching me from the inside, I would be laughing hysterically. 

Maybe it’s a mean streak in me, but I can’t help laughing when people pull and the door says push, then they just continue to pull more aggressively. In the Christian faith, doors represent opportunity. All believers on some level are looking for their door, their opportunity, their purpose. I have seen many Christians finally make it to “their door” only to pull instead of push. On the other side of the door awaits fulfillment of their purpose, but they stand on the other side just asking others what it’s like in there. Or at last they arrive at “their door” and they think it must be the employee only door; that door could never be open to them.

Many Christians overthink their door of opportunity in the faith. When it comes to job opportunities, the decision isn’t that difficult. If it means a promotion that will advance their career or income, that seems like a no-brainer. If we apply that way of thinking to our faith, then doors of opportunity shouldn’t become decisions that weigh us down and keep us pacing in worry on the outside.  Will going through this door mean promoting your faith? Will crossing the threshold mean advancing the gospel? Will the payout mean lives changed? If you
answered yes, then open the door…it’s your door.

Jesus says, “I am the door”. Matthew 7:7 tells us to “knock and the door will be opened to you”. Many of us knock in prayer upon the door (our Lord), but when it opens to us, we become afraid. I was delighted when a woman in my church took a children’s Sunday School class. She said she had been praying for God to give her an opportunity to teach. This was going to be perfect!

Shortly after teaching her first class, she stepped down. Since my children were in the class, I wanted to make sure they didn’t act like they were possessed during her class and run her off. “Oh no, all the children listened well and were very well behaved.” She said. “I just don’t think I am cut out for it.” She politely closed the door and went back to knocking for another door to open. Only, no other door for teaching has opened back up in over ten years.

I am learning more and more that if we want to be used by God, we must be willing to be used right where we are. Long ago, God had in mind for you good things you were to accomplish on earth. That purpose is not a mystery. We are to carry the gospel message throughout our life wherever that takes us. We serve a God of increase! Where we are faithful in spreading the gospel, He increases our territory.

There is no dazzling, sparkling game show themed door that will suddenly appear before us beckoning our “real” purpose. The door looks like more like a frumpy, dusty shepherd who lives among his sheep and cares for them, leading them through one gate at a time. No door is too small or insignificant; open it and walk through to see what God has waiting for you on the other side. You can bet that somewhere on the other side of it there is another door waiting for you.


By: Nadolyn Lee

Nadolyn has served in church ministry in the areas of music, children and youth for over thirty years. She is creator of ‘Dirt Road Believer’ YouTube channel where she produces Christian devotions every Tuesday and Thursday. Her home is in Summerville, GA with her husband and four children. 

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