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FAITH COLUMN: Resurrection Real

An Easter message from Nadolyn Lee

The following article is an opinion piece and reflects the views of only the author and not those of AllOnGeorgia.

Resurrection Sunday is the day on which every Christian’s faith hangs. The fact that the tomb of Jesus does not have human remains in it is what sets Christianity apart from any other belief or religion. Think about it, there are many graves you can visit of people who started a “faith
or religion”, but there is only one grave with no body in it! As an old southern preacher used to say, “If that don’t get your fire started, your wood’s wet.”

Everything Jesus lived out here on earth is meant for us not only to read about or be wowed by, but for us to experience. Until you have experienced resurrection in your own life, then you haven’t fully tasted of the power and fullness of the Lord. Before Jesus came out of the grave himself, he resurrected plenty of people. Men, women, and children were all deader than a doornail until Jesus intervened. Lazarus’ body was already smelling horribly and in the grave when Jesus called him forth still wearing his grave clothes. 

So, if Jesus’ ministry was dotted with the miracle of resurrection, why were people so surprised when he was resurrected? Let’slook at the differences. First, many were there to witness Jesus’ brutal death upon the cross. It was clear to all who were at Calvary’s hill, he wouldn’t be coming back from that. Second, when he reappeared to people on earth before his ascension, he was unharmed and didn’t look the same. He also secured the keys to hell and gained power over hell and death itself. And lastly, when he did ascend, he didn’t leave us alone. He left behind his Holy Spirit as our guide before taking his seat at the right hand of God the Father. No other resurrection achieved that!

Because of Resurrection Sunday, we can celebrate a risen Savior that is still in the business of resurrections. When there has been a resurrection in your life, you have deeply experienced God. Resurrections are milestones in a believer’s life that anchor their faith in a way that always speaks to the faithfulness and power of the cross. In my own life, I have experienced many resurrections. So I ask you, what is dying or completely dead in your life?

Is your peace passing away? Is your health dying? Does your marriage have one foot in the grave? Is your joy experiencing a code red? Is your career in need of resuscitation? Are your finances knocking on death’s door? Are your relationships pushing up daisies? Is your family dearly departing? Whatever it is, it is not too late. Jesus specializes in calling forth LIFE, even when there are just dry bones left behind.

In my own life, I had to mentally and spiritually bury a child who ran as far and as fast as possible from family and faith. This was not the child I pictured I would have. I thought I did everything a parent could to cultivate a happy family, but this child checked out anyway. Gone physically, gone mentally, gone spiritually. Dead. 

That is, until those who love the Lord and his resurrection power went to work battling for this child in heavenly realms. I have witnessed angels attending this child, I have witnessed love replace hate, joy replace depression and sadness and repentance where there was rebellion. Life instead of death; there is no better trade. 

How beautiful it is to not only read Isaiah 61:3, but to see its fulfillment in my life.

…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, 

the oil of gladness instead of mourning, 

and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

Without the cross, God’s full glory through His son could not have been accomplished. Jesus came to earth and experienced death on a cross for the express purpose of letting us experience him through resurrection. God allowed it then and He allows it now in our lives. Sometimes God will let something die so that he can become “resurrection real” to us. 

Resurrection is who Jesus really is, not over two thousand years ago, but today! He wants to call forth life wherever you are experiencing death. Picture that tombstone you placed upon that dead thing long ago. Now imagine it being ripped from the ground taking with it all the overgrowth of weeds and brush. Nothing is too dead for too long where our Living God is concerned. I pray Jesus becomes Resurrection Real to you this Easter.


By: Nadolyn Lee

Nadolyn has served in church ministry in the areas of music, children and youth for over thirty years. She is creator of ‘Dirt Road Believer’ YouTube channel where she produces Christian devotions every Tuesday and Thursday. Her home is in Summerville, GA with her husband and four children. 

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