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GDEcD Georgia Center of Innovation Launches New Website Following Record Year

Following a year of record impact on Georgia businesses, the Georgia Center of Innovation, a strategic arm of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD), has refined its branding through the launch of new website assets to ensure that Georgia businesses of all sizes understand the Center’s services and benefits. In addition, the Center has secured key partnerships and added a new area of expertise focused on Agricultural Technology (AgTech).

During fiscal year 2021, the Georgia Center of Innovation had more than 700 engagements with Georgia businesses and industry organizations helping them move further, faster – an increase of over 16% from the previous fiscal year. In addition to AgTech, the teams at the Georgia Center of Innovation represent some of the state’s leading industries, including manufacturing, logistics, IT, aerospace, and energy technology. Staff with the Georgia Center of Innovation are located strategically around Georgia, partnering with businesses to take them to the next step in their journey by helping clear the path to innovation and growth through the offer of expert advice and identification of the right resources and connections. The services provided by the Center are complimentary, and considered a concierge service provided by the state.

“The Georgia Center of Innovation is constantly innovating to best help Georgia companies overcome challenges and plan for the future. We are proud to be the only state to provide this incredible benefit,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson. “Our diverse team of industry experts connect small, large, and medium-sized businesses with solutions to source materials, offer guidance on implementing and developing technology, and provide support in countless other ways to help them succeed – and ultimately grow.”

Over the past year, the Georgia Center of Innovation also expanded its IT team by establishing a unique partnership with Augusta University and the Georgia Cyber Center that creates a shared position to deliver better on-the-ground support for companies in Augusta’s growing cybersecurity ecosystem. Additionally, the Center added support for Georgia’s growing digital media industry to its IT team. The AgTech team, supporting the No. 1 industry in Georgia, will help agribusinesses in Georgia continue to innovate by focusing on precision agriculture, controlled environment agriculture, and food product innovation. Experts at the Center consistently support Georgia Department of Economic Development business recruitment efforts, providing critical insights and aiding in ecosystem development statewide.

From helping Thomasville’s Sweet Grass Dairy reach new markets to assisting Skyfire with securing new contracts for their drone services, and ensuring Carbice could reach full-scale production for their nanotech thermal tape, the Georgia Center of Innovation’s range is only limited when businesses do not seek assistance. Further, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center led Georgia’s effort to ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) needs were met by identifying and coordinating businesses that manufacture, store, and distribute a wide variety of needed PPE. The results ensured that state government agencies, nonprofits, and other businesses received the supplies they needed as efficiently as possible, and that Georgia businesses were able to sell their products to a wider consumer base through the COVID-19 Suppliers Interactive List and Map.

“If your business finds itself at an impasse, there is a good chance that one of our expert staff can advise directly or connect you to a resource that offers guidance to address your business challenge,” said Georgia Center of Innovation Executive Director David Nuckolls. “Think of the Center of Innovation as an extra complimentary resource available to Georgia businesses offered by industry experts.”

The Georgia Center of Innovation’s new website is available at Additionally, a new video about the Center’s mission and the ways in which it has proven to be a resource to Georgia companies is available here.

About the Georgia Center of Innovation

Exclusive to Georgia, the Center of Innovation helps Georgia businesses “clear the path” to innovation and growth through expert advice and navigation to the right resources. While providing a wide range of services and programs to businesses of all types and sizes, the Center connects new and expanding businesses to expert staff members, external partners, and independent mentors who can help spark inspired solutions for challenges and opportunities of any size. The Georgia Center of Innovation is a strategic arm of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

About GDEcD
The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) is the state’s sales and marketing arm, the lead agency for attracting new business investment, encouraging the expansion of existing industry and small businesses, locating new markets for Georgia products, attracting tourists to Georgia, and promoting the state as a destination for arts and location for film, music, and digital entertainment projects, as well as planning and mobilizing state resources for economic development. Visit for more information.


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