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Rosson Family Featured by Specially Gifted Foundation

“Our home is our mission field.” – Meredith, mom to of 8 children including 7 adopted! You can now read about Jaxon’s family story. It’s so inspiring!

Jaxon Rosson a fifth grader at Menlo Elementary School and his family was recently spotlighted by the Specially Gifted Foundation.

Jaxon was born on May 6, 2010, and was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Syndrome, which is a very rare Craniofacial Disorder along with having a cleft palate. Jaxon has endured many surgeries so far in his young life and will concur many more in his lifetime. Jaxon was not born with any eyelids, so in 2012 his eye specialist made him some eyelids by pulling skin from his forehead down and inserting Botox injections to help the skin raise up and develop into his eyelids. However, Jaxon still cannot blink, so his eyes are open all the time, even when he sleeps. Some of Jaxon’s surgeries have included, Cleft Palate Repair, Fundonissen, G-Tube Insertion and Removal, Strabismus, and Ptosis Repair to both eyes, Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair, Pharyngeal Flap Repair, Ear Tube Insertion, and Dental Procedures.

Even though all of this seems a lot for a child to endure, Jaxon is such a trooper and wins the heart of everyone who meets him. Jaxon was also diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Speech/Language Perception Disorder, Hyperkinetic Disorder, Cognitive Learning Disability, Sensory Processing Disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Moebius Syndrome.

Jaxon has endured many years of Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy to help him to get to where he is today. Jaxon is in a regular classroom setting with an IEP in place and a one on one paraprofessional that helps him achieve his maximum education level.

Jaxon loves playing video games and tablets, watching the Rome Braves and Atlanta Braves, Watching GA Bulldogs Football, playing baseball at Braves Miracle Field in Rome, GA, and spending time with his friends and family.




I knew early on in my life that God was calling me to be a missionary to help others, but I never thought it would be within my own household. Our story begins with Kevin and I getting married on December 15, 2001, after having dated for several years. As a teenager, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and the doctor’s said that I would never be able to have children, so our plan was to adopt. God had different plans first though, we were blessed with our miracle son Barrett “Rett” on August 13, 2003. When Rett was 5 he began asking for a sibling, so Kevin and I prayed about it and God showed us that we needed to become foster parents and adopt children that were in DFCS custody.

Our home was approved and opened as an adoptive/foster home in October 2008. Since then we have adopted 7 children with Jaxon being one of them.  Yes, you read that right we have 8 children! We believe in keeping siblings together when possible so that is one reason, we have adopted so many children. You see, we have 3 separate sibling groups that we have adopted. Our oldest 2 sons, Virgil and Skylar are full biological siblings, Barrett “Rett” is next in line and is our biological son, then we adopted Anslie and Jaxon who are full siblings and their half brother Lane, and the last sibling group is our 2 daughters Kayleigh and Kaitlin.


What you can learn from our story is that what plan we set out for our lives is not always the plan that God has in store for us. When people ask us how we manage all the kids our response is always “By the Grace of God”.  There is not any other explanation we can give to people when asked that question. We have a great support system that has helped to shape our family to who we are today and without them, none of this would have possible either.

I hope that Jaxon’s story along with our family story has been an inspiration to you and you choose to help others like Jaxon. May God Bless you all in your endeavors that you choose to conquer!




At Specially Gifted Foundation, we believe that children with disabilities deserve to be loved and valued as equals in our society. We respect the unique journey that each of their families face and are dedicated to enriching their lives by providing them with a special gift or opportunity, beneficial resources, and a sense of community.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim Isaac

    June 28, 2021 at 8:35 am

    This was so amazing story and really touched my heart as a parent. I was currently thinking of our Family childrens dentist rome ga that really care for my kids and you can feel the sincerity and the care in that really touches my heart.

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