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Elsberry Qualifies For Commissioner’s Race

Blake Elsberry has officially qualified for candidacy for Chattooga County Sole Commissioner.

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Blake Elsberry has officially qualified for candidacy for Chattooga County Sole Commissioner. He will run in the Republican Primary in May.


Blake has lived in Chattooga County most of his life and currently resides in Trion with his wife, Lauren, and son, William. Blake shares that after much prayer and long conversations with my wife, the time to run for the office of commissioner is now.”


Blake states, “I have watched many of my friends leave the area due to the financial instability of the county.” He admits those thoughts had seriously crossed his mind as well, but to leave the “home we love, our church, our friends, and to distance ourselves from family was not an option. I’m not a quitter. I’m not going to run away. I’m staying here in Chattooga, the land I love, and raise my family.  There is a quote that I love, that says ‘When we don’t sacrifice for what we want, what we want becomes the sacrifice’.  I want my home to be a place that is thriving and one that Lauren and I are proud to raise our family in, so I’m willing to put in the hard work to make that a reality.


Blake wants to make a difference and be part of the change he wishes to see in our county. “My heart is pure in pursuing this opportunity. I don’t have a hidden agenda, and that is a value that I plan to use if elected to office of commissioner – transparency.”


After months of conversations with citizens, leaders from Chattooga, and leaders from neighboring cities and counties, Blake has a plan and a clear direction for Chattooga county. “With much support and encouragement, I am running for the office of commissioner. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make our county thrive and prosper. We have the greatest people in Chattooga County, and they deserve leadership they can be proud of. We owe it to ourselves, and, more importantly, we owe it to our sons, our daughters, and our families.”

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