At the November Chattooga County Schools Board of Education work session meeting, board member Brad Hayes brought special attention to the students in the schools who had perfect attendance for the first nine weeks of school.

“I thought it would be nice if Mr. Hosmer could maybe include this, I had heard some mention about the first nine weeks of school, and how things had been going at really all the schools, of course we all hear the good and the bad. I thought this was an opportunity to share probably the other side of the spectrum to what we hear in the news and around the county that is not so positive. And when you really stop and think about one student that can go one year with perfect attendance with all the things they struggle with… it was good to see every school and every grade had at least one student with perfect attendance, it was great to see students who had not missed a single day instead of all the students who had missed a lot of days,” Hayes said.

“566 kids haven’t missed a day, and that is a positive,” added Mr. Hosmer.

“I think if the students find out that we noticed it, I think kids will try better and do it more,” Hayes said.

How does the first nine weeks perfect attendance on a five day schedule compare to the first nine weeks perfect attendance on 2018’s four day schedule? 

In 2018 at the nine week mark 866 Chattooga County students had perfect attendance. In 2019 at the nine week mark 566 students recorded perfect attendance, showing a significant decrease of 300 students with perfect attendance in Chattooga County Schools. 2019 shows a 35% decrease for students with perfect attendance for the first nine weeks.

While Mr. Hosmer did say having 566 students with perfect attendance was great, he said he would much rather see more students with perfect attendance.


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