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Chattooga Board of Education

Meet the Applicant for BOE: Ron Williams

The Board will announce the person who will fill the term at the August meeting

Chattooga County Schools Superintendent Jared Hosmer has shared the question and answer email exchange between the BOE Chairman Eddie Elsberry and the six applicants for consideration to fill the unexpired term of Seat 4, Lyerly district. The term will expire December 31, 2022 and the election process of 2022 will decide who will hold the seat starting in January 2023.

The Board will announce the person who will fill the term at the August meeting. That person will then have to be sworn in by Chattooga County Probate Judge Gary Woods, approved by the state of Georgia and a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report & Candidate Financial Disclosure will have to be completed and on file with the State. All of which will be public record.

1. I spent 34 years in Education, teaching History and Social Studies. Head Football Coach, Athletic Director, Head Basketball, Golf and Track Coach. Elected to Chattooga Board of Education in 2010. Member of North Summerville Baptist Church.


2. The most Important Role is to listen to the Community and the Teachers. I visited each school at least once a week and would continue to do so.


3. Right now the Curriculum. Provide needs to teachers and Administrators to improve grades, test scores and attendance.


4. To adapt to a changing world. To encourage technology advancement. Also to encourage young people to follow other directions in choosing a career, including college but also technical jobs.


5. I think Chattooga is headed in a good direction, especially when I was on the Board with the re-establishment of pride in the schools and the improvement of facilities and athletics.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ron Williams

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