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On The Bayou beefing up security after violent behavior

Calhoun’s On The Bayou Cajun Restaurant will be taking actions to ensure a greater level of security for its guests and employees after a recent bout of “violent behavior” concerned management.

Here is a statement from the restaurant:

Due to several recent incidents, On The Bayou will no longer tolerate violent behavior exhibited by unruly guests. Our first priority is the safety of our guests and employees. Therefore we will take the appropriate actions and involve the appropriate authorities to ensure the highest level of public safety. It saddens me to say that after spending the last 12 years in Afghanistan performing tasks from mine clearing operations to training Afghan National Security Forces, I have received more threats of violence from local personal in Calhoun than I did while in Afghanistan. It is one thing to endure criticism along with erroneous and misrepresented reviews but for people that are considered to be leaders of the community to behave in the manner we have witnessed first hand is unacceptable.

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and devoted supporters. We value your business and with your help we know we can provide a positive impact on our community as well as the surrounding communities. We shall remain undeterred in our endeavors and remain ethical in our business practices while implementing the overall mission of our community support programs.

On The Bayou

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