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New Book ‘The Eternal Lighthouse’ is a Gripping Novel Set on the Georgia Coast

Fulton Books authors, Elizabeth W. Murphy & James D. Murphy V, a collaborative writing team who are also husband and wife, have completed their most recent book “The Eternal Lighthouse”: a riveting fiction that highlights the emotional dilemma of being under the influence of drugs. The story tells the journey of an orphan boy who was raised by his grandfather. He was a promising architect and a loving husband. His career and personal lives were doing great. Little did he know that his addiction will take him to new lows and cost him a lot of important people in his life.

Murphy shares, “Losing both his parents at a young age, he is left to be raised by his grandfather on the shores of the Georgia coast. As his only mentor, he teaches him the family’s master trade in carpentry and knowledge of the ways of maritime living. His grandfather’s solid military upbringing directs him to become a scholar in college. After graduating in the top percent of his class, he gets accepted into one of Chicago’s top architectural firms and quickly becomes one of the leading commercial architects.

Struggling from chronic pain from a knee injury suffered during a college soccer game, it slowly sends him into addiction from substance abuse that almost ruins his life, living in denial and struggling to face the realization of his life spiraling out of control. He embarks down a dark path of lies and deception. His marriage to his college sweetheart and successful career lay in the balance of destruction.

Trying to get his life back on track, he returns with his grandfather to his island community on the Georgia coast, seeking rehabilitation and hopes of getting the pieces of his life back together. As he finally starts to gain control over his life and sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he faces an unforeseen tragedy that tests all the progress he has made. A story of overcoming the odds in the face of adversity, addiction, and heart-wrenching tragedy.” The main character’s life will take you through many highs and lows of the storyline from beginning to end of this novel.

Published by Fulton Books, Elizabeth W. Murphy & James D. Murphy V’s book is an informative fiction that depicts the life of a person who suffers from addiction. The authors hope that their work may shed light on important topics that affect a lot of families in the modern world.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase “The Eternal Lighthouse” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

Source: Fulton Books

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