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Column: Trion Drugs is Small Town Georgia

Last week, I stopped at Trion Drugs on my way back from Ringgold. I had been working all day, and needed to pick up my Januvia. Tim Thompson saw me and invited me to come back to chat a moment. He pulled out a chair and I sat with him.

We talked a few moments, as the front counter help got my medicine together.

Tim asked how my sugar was. I told him that I had run out test strips a few weeks back, and though I had bought some, they were not the right size—I’m not good at such things, I explained.

Wait right here, he said, you got to keep an eye on that.

With that, he got up, gathered a new glucose monitor, a pack of lancets, and a box of strips.

How much? I inquired.

Not a thing, he answered.

This is life in a small town.

This is reason to shop local.

This is cause to give thanks, as Thanksgiving approaches.

For years, the Thompsons, both Tim and Tommy, took care of Daddy and Mama. I remember walking over to Tim in The Crushed Tomato after Daddy passed and thanking him for the goodness he had showed my parents throughout their lives.

Don’t thank me, he replied, it’s easy to be good to good people.

He won’t take my thanks privately, so I will offer them publicly.

I appreciate you, Tim. I really do.

Contributed Article: Jon Dennis

Trion Drugs is a locally owned pharmacy and have a personal commitment to our community.  The pharmacists take the time to get to know you, explain your medication, and answer questions you may have. There’s nothing more important to than your family’s well-being at Trion Drugs.

Trion Drugs has been in business for over 50 years.  Tim and Tommy Thompson have helped keep you, your children, and now your grandchildren healthy the entire time. 

Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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