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Chattooga Volleyball finds new Head Coach

Chattooga Volleyball has been a revolving door for head coaches, but Wes Maddux plans to change that and bring some much needed stability to the program and an end to the coach carousel. 

Chattooga Volleyball has been a revolving door for head coaches, but Wes Maddux plans to change that and bring some much needed stability to the program and an end to the coach carousel.

“I was asked by Barry Peppers back during the winter to head up the program. He knew I had daughters in the program and needed someone to give the program stability. I jumped at the opportunity,” Coach Maddux said. “I want to change the mindset of Chattooga Volleyball. I am all-in here and I expect the players to be as well. My focus in practice has been on fundamentals and being mentally tough. This is not a quick fix, it will be bumpy at times especially early on, but we will push through and improve week to week. When we learn to finish teams off, we will be dangerous.”

Maddux also understands the importance of building the program from the ground up. “Two goals I wanted to accomplish before summer was to strengthen the middle school program and I feel like I’ve done that by adding Shay Padgett to the staff and the other goal was to start a rec program in the county. Thanks to Mr. Hosmer and Mrs. Buice, they have offered the gym at Menlo for our rec teams to practice.”

The first time Coach Maddux spoke to his team was in late April, he says he made it clear that everything from a spot on the team to playing time would have to be earned regardless of past experience. “The majority of the girls took that as a challenge and pushed themselves to get better on their own at home and then in the weight room when we started meeting in person in early June.”

“Dr. Mobbs and Athletic Director Heathcock have been great to work with and have supported me every step of the way. My assistant coaches, Coach Burdick and Coach Tallent have been great to work with and have bought in to my vision to improve this program.”

Maddux says his expectation is to win and every decision he makes will be based on what is best for the TEAM,
“I am going to give our team, school, and community the best chance to be successful.”

Abby Groce 

Abby Groce 

The returning CHS All-Area/All-Region Middle Hitter Abby Groce has recovered fully from brain surgery and has been cleared to play. Abby underwent brain surgery due to a chiari malformation. Chiari malformation is a condition in which brain tissue extends into your spinal canal. In May Abby underwent surgery to correct the malformation and the 5’10” junior is back smashing volleyballs.

CHS Volleyball Roster 2020 

Name                                   Position              Year
Tori Blalock                          MH                     Sr.
Sarah Bowden                     OH                      Sr.
Brecklyn Brown                    S                       Sr.
Madison Hutchens             OH                       Sr.
Emma Evans                           L                        Jr.
Abby Groce                          MH                      Jr.
Elizabeth Patterson              S                        Jr.
Brittany Powell                    RS                       So.
Serenity Swift                       OH                      So.
Bailey Thomas                       S                        So.
KiKi Walker                          MH                      So.
Faith Yoder                           RS                       So.
Trinity Hines                         MH                     Fr.
Katie Hogue                         RS                       Fr.
Joslyn Maddux                      L                        Fr.
Kaylan Moseley                     S                        Fr.
Gracie Williams                   OH                      Fr.

MacKenzie Greene
Brooke Henderson
Brashawn Christopher
Faith Rogers

Wes Maddux
Misty Burdick
Chris Tallent


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