Chattooga High School Principal, Jeff Martin, knows the importance of starting the year off with a bang. Each year, Martin kicks things off with a theme to energize his students and focus his staff. This theme is designed to garner more than just a positive attitude within the halls of his school, but also across the hills and valleys of the entire Chattooga County community.

photo: Sky Stewart

His commitment to his students is the stuff of legends but even Mr. Martin has outdone himself with the announcement of this year’s theme. Bringing his own unique style to the halls, Martin’s music video delivers a powerful message to the residents of Chattooga County that our students are our future. This is Our Tribe, Our Time.


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  1. You should add subtitles because it’s hard for me to understand some of it.. but it was AWESOME!! I think the kids will love it and be shared all over the internet!


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