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ECE: Real Students, Real Life

ECE: Real Students, Real Life

This article is published with permission of the Bulldog Barker

By: Keely Evans

Recently in Trion High School’s Early Childhood Education class, or better known as ECE, students have been learning about the different levels of childhood and the different qualities and requirements of teaching and parenting. Students are learning the three levels of becoming a successful teacher and tips for caring for children. In these courses of ECE, each class is learning about different age groups and life stages with individualized units for each course. Mrs. Blankenship, a teacher new to Trion this year, has been exemplary in teaching the ECE I, II, and III classes.
In ECE I, students have focused mainly on pregnancy and the earliest stages of life. Students engaged in the unique experience of caring for a robotic baby! The baby would react to the way it was being held, if it needed to be fed, or diaper changes. This lesson gave the class the chance to simulate what it would be like to care for an actual baby. “I liked using the robotic baby because it taught me how children behave and how it can help me while babysitting. Right now we’re learning about potty training and all about toddlers,” said Brooklyn Brock, who is enrolled in ECE I this year.
Currently in ECE II, students have been more focused on the Pre-k level of childhood. Students have been taking one day every other week to observe classes in elementary school. They have all had the chance to interact with children and get experience in the classroom. They are also able to observe the students behaviors and how teachers react in these situations. ECE II students have learned about the different classroom behaviors and skills needed to be a successful teacher in an elementary school. “ECE is great,” said Shelby McCutchins. “I really enjoy going to observe and learning about how to care for kids. I have a lot of fun in that class, and it is one of my favorites. I like what we’re talking about right now, which is how to care for a child in Pre-k. We do a lot of fun activities relating to it, and I’ve learned a lot.”
While recently ECE III students have been learning about infants and parenting, they are also learning about what it takes to be a teacher. Along with ECE II, they have also been going into the classroom to observe students. They have spent time learning about what to do in situations as a parent, and the basic overall care of a younger child. Margelen Sumner, an ECE III student said, “I like ECE III because it teaches me how to take care of younger children in everyday life. Right now we are learning about 0-36 month old babies and how to care for them. I like this because I can use the information I learn in my everyday life.”
Early Childhood Education can be very important to help with many life skills. It also prepares students wanting to pursue a career in the education of young children, or to learn skills to care for younger kids. Students enrolled in the class have spent time learning about the role of teachers, and what it takes to achieve the skills of someone in the profession. They have also learned many valuable parenting skills, and how to successfully care for a younger child, whether or not it is in the elementary class setting or in real life.

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