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Spotlight: Chattooga Football’s Steven “Big Steve” Parke

In honor of football season for Chattooga High School coming to an end, AllOnGeorgia will be highlighting this year’s manager, Steven “Big Steve” Parke.
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Big Steve has been apart of the team for several  years. Steve is the hydration manager.

“Steve has been a big part of our football program for the past 4-5 years,” Indian Head Coach Roone Gable said. “He does a lot of work behind the scenes that goes unnoticed by a lot of people. And he does all this work simply because he loves Chattooga High School and our athletic programs. He will definitely be missed after he graduates. I am proud of Steve. He is be a big part of our team and I appreciate all his work and dedication.”

Here’s a little more about Big Steve.

What do you like about your job?

Helping out the team with everything they need me to do. 


What do you think of your teammates this past season?

They were all like a family to me and I appreciate them for everything. 


What has been your favorite memory while with Chattooga Football?

Senior night when we beat Coosa 16-10. 


Who has been your role model and why?

Coach Powell because he pushes me to do my best and he told me when it gets hard you can get past it. 


What is your favorite thing about the team?

We are all family and have each others backs. 


What is your favorite class? 



Who is your favorite teacher?

Ms. Hughes


What are your future plans after high school?

 I plan to go to Warm Springs to get a welding certificate. 


How have you enjoyed your time as a Chattooga Indian?

It has been amazing the 4 years I have been at Chattooga High School. 

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Libby Ann Veatch is a talented and passionate senior at Chattooga High School who worked with the Indian Lore for three years. She is a member of the Lady Indian Softball team, Attack Fast Pitch, and FCCLA. After high school Libby Ann plans to go to cosmetology school and become a hair stylist.

1 Comment

1 Comment


    November 2, 2023 at 1:46 am

    So proud of you Big Steve! I’m so happy you have a family with your teammates and coaches. I’m so grateful your coach is a good mentor for you and I’m so excited for your future. Love you, Aunt Dee

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