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Local Hero: Kevin Godfrey, The Heart and Soul of Godfrey’s Tree Service

He started with a chainsaw and a truck


At just 17 years old, Kevin Godfrey began his journey working alongside his father, Charlie, on a logging crew for George Dawson, where Charlie ran a crew for two decades.
Godfrey's Tree Service

However, Kevin’s day continued after logging; after work, he’d work, splitting and delivering firewood in his truck. Kevin recognized an opportunity as his firewood customers began inquiring about tree removal. He took a leap – quite literally – and started climbing. 

 He began his tree work during his off-duty hours from logging, starting with a chainsaw and a truck.

Ten years ago, a chance encounter while fueling his old Ford truck with a handmade sign on it changed everything. A conversation led to a job that entailed cutting over 900 trees in just a month. It marked the turning point, solidifying Kevin’s passion and business for tree work.

“Ain’t no mountain too high for a climber,” Kevin proudly asserts.

Godfrey’s Tree Service emerged, deeply rooted in his commitment to the community. “The community is what makes Godfrey’s Tree Service. My idea is to help everyone that we can,” says Kevin.

Their community involvement extends far beyond tree work. Contributions like auctioning chainsaws at local events for charity, massive candy distributions during Halloween Walks, and providing full Thanksgiving meals for families in need exemplify their dedication.

During Christmas, they assist families, even purchasing gifts and toys. As part of the team, Lacey handles the shopping, wrapping, and delivery, reflecting their ethos of giving back to the community.

Their involvement during the Summerville water crisis is notable, where Kevin mobilized resources, including procuring water from various sources, organizing deliveries, and offering assistance to those affected.

Godfrey’s Tree Service took over a week of work to help load cars and deliver water to older people and people who didn’t have a way to get water. They had tankers and buckets of water for residents to fill so they could flush their toilets. 

His work and effort during the water crisis, when customers of the City of Summerville’s water were without water for over ten days, earned him recognition from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

Reflecting on his small-town roots, Kevin highlights the joy of working for those who influenced him growing up, including former teachers and acquaintances. 

“I am so proud of Kevin Godfrey,” shares Lacey. “He is truly a great man, doing so much that people may never know about.”

Amidst adversity, such as accompanying his father to chemotherapy sessions, Kevin’s accomplishments bring pride and joy to his family, reflecting his impact as a beacon of hope and success in the community. 

“I get goosebumps when I take Kevin’s Dad to his Chemo and appointments, and Kevin’s ad comes on the radio. You can see the pride swelling in Charlie’s eyes. Every time it comes on, he has to say how proud he is of who his son has become,” Lacey said. 

Kevin’s son, Mark said, “I remember growing up busting firewood to make ends meet. I saw him struggle. I saw him fail. But I never saw him give up,” he said of his Dad. “After he bought the first bucket truck and bobcat, there was no turning back because we were already doing big jobs that other big companies could have done, but the people of Chattooga County gave him a chance, and when they did, he showed everyone.”

Kevin Godfrey’s journey embodies a spirit of service, dedication, and empathy, leaving an indelible mark on Chattooga County.

Be sure to watch for Kevin and his team Monday night during the Summerville Christmas Parade; as with all community events, Kevin says, “We love being in the parade every year!!”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Iney swafford

    December 5, 2023 at 1:32 am

    I wish some one would cut the tree that i be side my home if it falls we are going to die the plant that down from my ho.e owns it an they won’t do nothing if it falls on are home were finsh an if it falls on the home be side me they are finsh I wish one would ask them to cut it but life not free an I can’t pay

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