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Thatcher’s Responds to Health Inspection Score

Thatcher’s Barbeque and Grill owner, John Thatcher posted a response to the Health Inspection score of a 54 the restaurant recently on Facebook.

Thatcher’s Barbeque and Grill owner, John Thatcher posted a response to the Health Inspection score of a 54 the restaurant recently on Facebook. The post has been shared over 600 times.

From the post:

“We have proudly served the North Georgia area with our food for the past 9 1/2 years. During this time we have accomplished a lot for being a small family owned business without previous experience in food service. It goes without saying we’ve learned a lot. Through it all, we have enjoyed a great following and also a solid health grading throughout all our locations. Twice we have scored a 100 which is unheard of in a bbq concept. We have always welcomed anyone to look inside our kitchen by where we can we’ve made our kitchen design an open one. Summerville’s food prep area can be easily viewed through the windows on the side of the building. Ringgold you can look straight in through the window we installed and see your food prepared in front of you like a Japanese steak house. We just don’t flip our utensils and do an egg trick lol.
Another thing we have learned is that inspectors are human. They also enforce the health code differently in all four communities we serve. Rules are rules but are open to interpretation and judgement. We found recently that no matter how long we’ve done things a certain way, an inspector will come along and have a different opinion. We also found that while some inspectors use judgement, others check boxes. Our most recent inspection in Summerville was an example of this. While we understand we made a few mistakes with this inspection, our total score was in no way reflective of our true ability nor our current state of food safety after a mad rush. We were marked off for our dish system not being sanitary. We called our machine company and they discovered that incorrect test strips were used by our personnel and that our machine indeed was within state policy. Our cooler was tagged as faulty but our repair personnel discovered it indeed was working properly. During a rush the door was left slightly ajar causing it to be out of temp for a very short time. When sealed up it immediately came back down in temp. With all of the 🤢 faces being distributed and people saying that we are going to kill people by some on this wonderful thing called social media, it is just not right for me to stand idly by and let opinions fly without speaking out for our hard working staff that put their heart and soul into serving our gracious loyal customers.
Nitpicked is the word to best describe how we feel.

And since the inspection article was shared and blasted almost 100 times, it would be greatly appreciated if you would share this.”

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  1. Danny

    October 31, 2019 at 3:03 am

    I feel your concern ….we owned restaurants and we feel like we were nickpicked Many times especially during lunch rushes….. Mostly for things that had nothing to do with sanitation or being clean.welcome to chattooga county

    • Nita

      November 4, 2019 at 10:10 pm

      They cite you for having a dish cloth in the wrong place for goodness sake. It doesn’t mean you’re going die from food
      Poisoning! So to the ones who say they won’t go back, I’d say adious!

  2. Bayleigh

    November 2, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Once a restaurant FAILS its inspection people are expect to post their opinions and share the failed restaurants inspection to all. Once a restaurant FAILS its inspection of course the scare is going to be a heck of a lot better. But how long will the restaurant keep the new re-inspection score up? The post the owner of Thatchers in Summerville posted, stating that food inspectors are human to… and also stated asking people to share his responded post like the over 600 shared the FAILED inspection report card score.
    This restaurant has only been open a few months and already FAILED an inspection. Again only been open a few months. The manager(s) should be held accountable. And obviously the manager(s) have no business being manager(s). As a manager or managers is apparent the manager(s) DO NOT CARE about the HEALTH AND WELLBEING of THE CUSTOMERS that contribute to THEIR PAYCHECKS. I myself look at inspection scores and pay attention to them and lookup the scores a restaurant has scored. If its FAILED I definitely stay away. FAILED inspections do affect peoples willingness to want to eat at restaurants. The owners cry for people to share his reply to the FAILED inspection is pathetic. The damage has already been done. He can thank the manager(s) for the FAILED inspection. I know I my myself will NEVER go back to the Thatchers in Summerville GA. He needs to be looking at the manager(s) and thank them for the FAILED report. Not to the public to help restore the Thatchers name for the Summerville location.

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