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Mr. Hoyt is excited to return to work Saturday

Mr. Hoyt Williams told AllOnGeorgia he will be back at work on Saturday at Walmart in Trion.

Mr. Hoyt Williams told AllOnGeorgia he will be back at work on Saturday at Walmart in Trion.  Mr. Hoyt has been out of work while recovering from surgery.  Mr. Hoyt will be working from 12-4 p.m., Saturday and he invites everyone to stop in and say hi!

Mr. Hoyt is one of the few remaining World War II veterans from Chattooga County. He graduated Trion High School in 1942, and joined the Army to serve in World War II, arriving in Normandy D-Day+18. Tech Sgt. Williams served as an Army engineer in both the European and Pacific Campaigns of World War II, serving in both campaigns is rare. Sgt. Hoyt Williams was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Service Medal and the European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with one White Star for his service in WWII.

Mr. Hoyt Williams has worked since he was able to work. While he doesn’t recall his exact age at the time he began his first job, he knows as soon as he was able to work he went to work as a paper route boy. From that point on he has always worked. After returning back to Trion after World War II he took over his father’s store. The original store, AF Williams and Sons was built in 1914 by his father.

Mr. Hoyt and ran supermarkets in Trion for the next forty years.

Opening Hoyt William’s Grocery Store, Trion 1965 Chattooga Historical Society

After four decades in the supermarket business he did attempt to retire, but retirement proved to be boring, “I was tired of mowing the lawn… it was time for me go back to work, Wal-Mart said they could put me to work even though I was old and they did.”


Mr. Hoyt says the secret to living a long time is to work every day.

Legacy of Service

Mr. Hoyt also worked in the community by being a member of the original water board for the Chattooga County District, helping all of the Chattooga Citizens have access to water.

Mr. Hoyt served on the Trion School Board for two terms as chairman, the Trion City Council for 16 years before being elected Mayor of Trion.

On February 12, 1993, at the young age of 69, Hoyt began working full-time at Walmart as a greeter. “Walmart has been a great place to work,” Mr. Hoyt said. At age 95, Mr. Hoyt still works full-time.

Months ago many Walmarts across the nation did away with its traditional greeters, including Trion’s Walmart. This change resulted in Mr. Hoyt Williams being transferred to the garden department, where he still works 32 hours a week.





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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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