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Jimmy Holbrook (D) Seeks Sole Commissioner Post

Campaign Press Release:


I am Jimmy Holbrook and I have made the decision to run for Chattooga County Commissioner.  


Chattooga County is an exceptional place.  Those of us who call Chattooga County home, as my family has done for over six generations, know that we live in one of the most beautiful and peaceful areas in God’s creation.  


Chattooga County is home to exceptional people.  Chattooga County residents believe in values like hard work, resourcefulness and will help neighbors out in time of need.  We have two great school systems that are working hard to prepare the next generation for the future. We have dedicated parents, grandparents and teacher that want our kids to succeed.


Chattooga County is also faced with exceptional challenges.  We are not the largest or the richest county and we have been faced with our share of setbacks economically.  Thankfully, our county weathered a recession and our unemployment rate has decreased.  But people in our county are still struggling financially. In fact, our county is struggling financially.  One of the reasons I want to be your county commissioner is to ensure that our county has a solid financial footing.  Far too often we go from year to year without our county government articulating a clear picture of our financial status.  We need to be sure that every dime that we are spending is doing the most good for the most people of our county and we need to have a plan for the future.


Nineteen years ago I went into the wholesale equipment business for myself with a borrowed truck and trailer and $1500.  Since that time, I have started and managed several businesses and have experience dealing with balancing books, managing employees and facing financial challenges with limited resources.  I believe my business experience has prepared me to make sure that our county is on solid financial footing as we set goals for the future.  


As many of you know, one of the businesses I have been involved in is communications.  This year marks my 30th year in the radio business.  From my days at WGTA to owning and operating AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio, I have had a unique perspective on our county’s government and how it has worked, and in some cases hasn’t worked.  As your commissioner, I believe I will have the skills to communicate a clear picture of our county’s economic status, and a clear vision for where our county should go in the future.   


As a county with a sole commissioner, it is imperative that the Chattooga County Commissioner works well with the other elected officials in the county.  Through years or working in the radio business and developing relationships with our county’s elected officials, I know that I can work together with them to put our county on a solid financial path and work towards specific goals to make our county the best it can be.  


My decision to run for commissioner is not because I decided I wanted a different career.  I have always loved my job on the radio and someday in the future will return to that occupation.  I am running for county commissioner because I believe in Chattooga County.  I believe it is the best place for people to live, work, own a business and raise a family.  I believe Chattooga County is an exceptional place with exceptional people and we have our own unique culture and values.  Over the years I have served in several capacities and in several organizations because I am passionate about Chattooga County and its people.  One of the most rewarding has been the rebirth of the Chattooga County Agricultural Fair.  Countless hours by many good people brought the fair to a reality two years ago and proved that when Chattooga County residents work together and put their mind to the task at hand we can see good things happen for our county and its people.  


The ability to articulate and communicate the good things about our county – our industry, our small businesses, our two great school systems, and most importantly, our people is something that I want to use as commissioner to move our county forward.  I want to take the passion that I have for our county and use it to put Chattooga County on a positive track for the future.  
Because I believe that Chattooga County can have a bright and prosperous future ahead, and because I believe that all of us, working together can accomplish great things, I am asking for your support and your vote for Chattooga County Commissioner.

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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