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City of Summerville Agenda

October Regular Council Meeting and Pre Meeting Q&A

OCTOBER 11 @ 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM

Updated: 10/08/2021

Pre Meeting Question  & Answer

City Seal

There will be a Question and Answer session with the Mayor and members of the City Council prior to the start of the meeting at 4:30PM. Members of the public are encouraged to attend. To join the Q&A session via Zoom, use the meeting info listed below.

Regular Council Meeting

Regular Council meetings, are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month. The Regular Council Meeting will be on October 11th, at 5PM, at City Hall. The meeting will also be available to attend as a virtual meeting that can be joined by telephone or by computer/smart phone.

Zoom meetings notes for participants: You may join via computer, smart phone, and telephone. Participants will be muted by upon joining the meeting, and will be given opportunity to speak in sections of the meeting for public comments and questions.

Meeting ID: 838 1788 8644

Password: 397150

To join by computer or smart phone:

To join by telephone:

Call 1-646-876-9923 and enter the meeting ID and password when prompted

City of Summerville
P.O. Box 180
Summerville, GA 30747

Harry Harvey, Mayor Seat 3
David Ford, Seat 1 Joe Money, Jr., Seat 4
Dana W Mosley, Seat 2 Zachary Martin, Seat 5


Regular Called Meeting and Teleconference Meeting

October 11, 2021
5:00 P.M.

(1) Call to order
(2) Roll Call
(3) Invocation
(4) Pledge of Allegiance
(5) Approval of Meeting Agenda
(6) Consent Agenda

A. Mayor’s Comments – Harry Harvey
i. Announcements/Comments
ii. Introduction of guest/visitors
 Chirayu Patel
 Lynn Rolland
(7) Reports and Presentations

 City Attorney – Albert Palmour
 City Manager – Janice Galloway
 Financial Report (Attachment)
 Discuss new business frontage at 9885 Commerce St
 Comments

(8) Old Business

(9) New Business

a. Approve minutes:
i. Discussion
ii. Action

b. Presentation from Carter & Sloope on 2020 GEFA:

i. Discussion
ii. Action
c. Approve RES (recommended by Carter and Sloope) to obtain EPD
permitting and provide direction on alleviating flooding
within the City limits (see attachment):
i. Discussion

ii. Action

d. Consider approving a sign variance to allow a mural to be
painted on the side of the business known as DIRT located at
9881 Commerce St, Summerville (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
e. Discuss and approve 2022 Health Insurance Renewal (see
i. Discussion
ii. Action
f. Approve Election Staff for the November 2, 2021 Election
(see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
g. Approve Quit Claim Deed between the City of Summerville and
Archibald A Farrar, Jr, and Nell W. Farrar (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
h. Approve purchase of four new sets of turnout gear from
Bennett Fire in the amount of $15,000 (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
i. Discuss Request For Proposal(RFP) for a new fire truck (see
i. Discussion

j. Approve the creation of a position for an Information
Technology/Purchasing Clerk as a G13 (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
k. Approve payment of $14,100 to Competition Athletic Surfaces,
Inc, for surfacing Fairway basketball courts (see
i. Discussion
ii. Action

l. Approve moving house into an area with historic overlay on

Highland Ave
i. Discussion
ii. Action
m. Approve purchase and installation of RAS Pump #2 at the
wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $12,998 from
GOForth Williamson, Inc. (see attachment):
i. Discussion
ii. Action
n. Approve the purchase of one 25HP Aerator from Aqua-Aerobic
Systems, Inc in the amount of $13,499 to be paid from
maintenance and materials (see attachment:)
i. Discussion
ii. Action

o. Executive Session- Discuss possible litigation, personnel,
and land acquisition:
i. Discussion
ii. Action

(10) Public Comments
(11) Adjournment

Villeda Concrete
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