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Summerville City Council Recently Approved Bullet Proof Vests

The Summerville City Council met last night at Fairway Recreation Center, due to current construction still underway at City Hall.  The Council approved the purchase of new Kevlar Bullet Proof Vests for the Police Officers, and body cameras have also been approved for each of the officers to wear.  The Council unanimously approved the use of these safety measures, showing an absolute commitment to the security of the police and citizens.

The City is contemplating some changes to City employee drug and alcohol policy in relation to prescription medication. Possible changes will include a requirement for a Doctor’s permission to continue to perform safety-sensitive duties while taking prescribed medication that includes label warnings such as “may cause drowsiness” or “do not operate heavy equipment” or “may impair judgment”.

The Hotel/Motel tax of 5% was approved unanimously; full details including exceptions to the tax are available at City Hall.

Recreation Department officials were on hand to show City Council members upgrades that have taken place at Fairway Recreation Center.

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Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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