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From “Rec” League… to Record Breaking: Seeing Double

For the last dozen years the Foster Twins have been dominating every football field they step on. The dynamic duo known simply as “The Twins” have been a walking highlight reel. And, as Washington County players, coaches and fans discovered Friday night, The Twins are hard to stop. The Foster Twins combined for 305 yards and five touchdowns on 35 carries in the 38-7 beat down of Washington County in the second round of State Playoffs. For good measure, each brother had an interception on defense. Maybe the Washington County coaches didn’t see that the Twins combined for 361 yards and four touchdowns in the first round playoff game against Lamar County. This season, the Twins have produced an eye-popping 3,350 yards from scrimmage and 36 total touchdowns. The most jaw-dropping rushing statistic between the two brothers, they both average over 10 yards per carry.

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NAME                 GAMES- ATT.-  AVE.- YARDS- GAME  - CARRY- TDS.- AVE.
ISAIAH FOSTER         11  - 180 - 16.4 - 1510 - 137.3 -  8.4 - 19  - 1.7
ISAAC FOSTER          10  - 117 - 11.7 - 1209 - 120.9 - 10.3 - 14  - 1.4



#12 Isaac Foster, #42 Isaiah Foster

The Twins have been unstoppable since their years of rec league football with several undefeated seasons. By the time they were eight years old, rec league coaches defied the experts by developing a triple-option offense around the twin brothers. While many experts said such a complex scheme could not be mastered by kids at such a young age, the Foster Twins took to it like fish to water. By 11 years old the Twins led their team in a season where they outscored their opponents 484 points to 26. The triple option offense was as complex for the offensive line as it was for the backfield.


Big Mike Adams (97), Alijah Neal (88), Isaiah Curtis (23, the center), TJ Adams (77), Quintel Price (31), Tyler Griffin (32), CJ Martin (33), Austin Jones (10), Malik Farmer (42), Isaac (22), Isaiah (20)

The same Indian blockers making holes for the twins in 2016 were there in 2010 including: Big Mike Adams (97), Alijah Neal (88), Isaiah Curtis (23, the center), TJ Adams (77), Quintel Price (31), Tyler Griffin (32), CJ Martin (33), Austin Jones (10) and Malik Farmer (42). #32 Tyler Griffin was a powerful blocking fullback who ran the ball with authority and kept defenses guessing just as he does today.


Yes, that is Isaac at shotgun



Isaiah Foster #20, Tyler Griffin #32

Legendary rec league coach, Terry Money, remembers having 16 formations the season he coached the Twins, and in the Super Bowl the team won 42-0. Money says when he sees the twins, “they still call me Coach and hug my neck.”

This is the Foster Twins’ senior year. Isaiah’s goal at the beginning of the season was simple, “the main goal, for me, is to get past the first round of state playoffs.” Mission accomplished. For the first time in the school’s 51 year history, Chattooga won a state playoff game. The Twins themselves have shredded many records this season, both Fosters have rushed for over 1,200 yards this season and have swapped as the record holder for Most Career Points scored in Chattooga history. As their football exploits have garnered national attention, the twins are true two-sport student/athletes. Both are highly accomplished basketball players (Isaiah surpassed 1,000 career points during his junior season) and both sport GPA’s over 3.8.


As local heroes, the young men give their time to the community, school and their church eagerly. Tuffy and Tiffany’s twin boys have became Chattooga’s favorite sons.

twins 5twins4


Casie Bryant is the NW Georgia Regional Manager for AllOnGeorgia.

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