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NAACP argues on behalf of citizen at Reidsville City Council Meeting

A few surprising guests showed up at Tuesday’s City Council meeting in Reidsville. Dr. Eddie Ball of the State Executive Committee for the NAACP spoke during the public comment section of the meeting with members there in support of his efforts.

Tracy Johnson address the Reidsville City Council – Photo: AllOnGeorgia

Dr. Ball, who is a resident of Claxton, rose to speak on behalf of a resident on Bryant Street. He said the residences on Bryant Street, particularly House No. 111, has serious drainage problems causing standing water in the yard because of flat pavement recently put in near the road. Dr. Ball expressed that the pipes were not in line with the surrounding pipes and there is nowhere for the water to go. Subsequently, the yard floods and the homeowner has to dig trenches to divert the water.

Dr. Ball said “the project that the city started has not been completed. It seems like a simple fix to lower the pipe.” Ball also expressed concern over the tires on an adjacent property. Mayor Clifton said he would speak with Mr. Kennedy about the tires Wednesday. He then requested a time frame for action on behalf of the Reidsville resident of when the road would be fixed.

Also in attendance was a Mr. Tracy Johnson of the NAACP. He identified himself as ‘first on the scene’ of the water problems on Bryant Street. Johnson also expressed concern over the incomplete project. He explained the water was a “tripping hazard” and could lead to a lawsuit with the City. Johnson also voiced concern over the zoning and code violations with regard to the property with tires. Additionally, the standing water on that property will draw bugs and mosquitoes, which could also have the City on the hook if someone gets sick, he said. Johnson closed with commenting that the council members are the “fathers” of the city and he does not want to see them become entrenched in a legal battle over health concerns.

IMG_1977Members of the council expressed that they were not aware of the issue, but see that it would be addressed immediately. The representatives from the NAACP acknowledged that this was the first time the issue was brought to the attention of council members. Each acknowledged that the street was recently paved, but none were aware of the issue with standing water.

Council members Virgil Duckworth and John Wingate were not present at the February 8th meeting.

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Olympia McKay

    March 11, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    I’m trying to find some one to look into what is going on at Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, GA. We have our loved ones suffering and being treated worst than animals. The GDOC has in place an SOP that they clearly don’t follow. I’m crying and almost dying for someone to help expose the awful inhumane treatment, the oppression and the violation of inmates constitutional rights. These inmates are living without power, unable to flush their toilets and have most of their property taken away or thrown away if nobody comes to get it on this Georgia “Torture” Tier Program.
    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP inmates. I’m looking for someone with the strength and courage the fighters from PETA has for animals.

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