The City of Sylvania is the recipient of just over $78,000 due to a funding mechanism of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The funding is part of a dispersement of $12 million in 41 different rural communities. An announcement by the federal agency this week indicates that the City will receive $43,500 in grant money and $35,700 in loans for the purchase of two police cars for the Sylvania Police Department.

According to the funding sheet, “This Rural Development investment will be used to purchase two new, fully equipped, patrol vehicles to be used by the police department. The city strives to provide quality public safety to all of its residents. These vehicles will enable them to be more effective in protecting the citizens of their community.”

The cities of Talbotton, Hoganville, Woodbury and Metter are also recipients of the funding -but in different amounts – each of which pertain to public safety.

The federal agency said in a new release thiss week that the “USDA is committed to partnering with rural communities to bring essential facilities and services to rural communities. Investments in our rural areas provide a foundation for growth and prosperity that strengthens the Nation’s overall economy.” More than 100 types of projects are eligible for Community Facilities program funding and the projects must be in rural areas with a population of 20,000 or less. Many types of projects are eligible for Community Facilities program funding including infrastructure improvements; business development; housing; community facilities such as schools, public safety and health care; and high-speed internet access.

The 41 projects that USDA announced today are in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington. You can see the full project ist here:

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Jessica Szilagyi
Jessica Szilagyi is a Statewide Contributor for She focuses primarily on state and local politics as well as issues in law enforcement. She has a background in Political Science with a focus in local government and has a Master of Public Administration from the University of Georgia. Jessica is a "Like It Or Not" contributor for Fox5 in Atlanta and has two blogs of her own: The Perspicacious Conservative and "Hair Blowers to Lawn Mowers."


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