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Department of Justice announces launch of civil rights reporting website

This new online tool will make it easier for the public to report a civil rights violation.

Online tool helps the public report civil rights violations

The United States Attorneys Office announced Friday that the launch of the Civil Rights Reporting Portal for the Department of Justice was official. This new online tool will make it easier for the public to report a civil rights violation.

“Our office recently asked anyone who has witnessed or experienced harassment or discrimination as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic to report such allegations to the Civil Rights Coordinator in my office, or to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.” said Minkler. “Even though reports can still be received in this manner, I encourage the public to utilize the user-friendly Civil Rights Portal to report any civil rights violations.”

The new Civil Rights Reporting Portal – located at – will consolidate over 30 unique reporting pathways. The portal will dramatically ease the burden on victims of civil rights violations to identify the proper reporting channel. The form is fully accessible to people with disabilities. It is also available in both English and Spanish, with more languages to be added over the next year.

Individuals who believe they may have been a victim of a civil rights violation can learn how to report violations to the Department by visiting

When appropriate, the Civil Rights Division staff will refer complainants to other agencies that are responsible for handling specific types of complaints.

Remember that besides the new portal, individuals who believe they are a victim of a civil rights violation can still call the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Individuals who believe they are the victim of a criminal violation of their civil rights, such as misconduct by law enforcement officers, a hate crime, or human trafficking, should contact their local FBI office.

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