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3 Gubernatorial Candidates Comment on Canceled Debate

The final debate for the gubernatorial candidates ahead of Tuesday’s election was set for Sunday night, but is now canceled.

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Abrams and Kemp continue to point fingers over who is to blame. Abrams claims it was Kemp’s fault for passing on the debate for the visit by President Trump also planned for Sunday while Kemp blams Abrams for her unwillingness to reschedule.

Read the responses from Abrams, Metz, and Kemp below.

Democrat Stacey Abrams said:

“Stacey Abrams was raised with the core values of faith, family, service, and responsibility; for her that means meeting your obligations and honoring your commitments. She believes that the trust Georgians put in her is sacred, and she planned to honor her commitment to the people of Georgia as she always has. We expected that both Secretary Kemp and WSB would also honor their commitment to this event, in which Georgians get to hear from the candidates on the issues they care about most. Unfortunately, despite his own advice about the importance of honoring promises, Mr. Kemp has decided he will not be participating in the long-scheduled debate at the agreed upon time. With the news that Mr. Kemp will break his promise, we have moved forward and made plans to hold our own event on Sunday in which Stacey will talk with and answer questions from Georgians. That’s what we’ve promised, and that’s what we’ll deliver.

Because we value all Georgians, we already have plans to be on the coast in SE Georgia on Monday to talk with voters, listen to their concerns and answer their questions. We have repeatedly explained our existing commitments to WSB, and we are disappointed that the Kemp campaign is demanding we renege on our promises. We believe it would be irresponsible to break our commitment to accommodate his failures. We refuse to callously take Georgians for granted and cancel on them. Just because Brian Kemp breaks his promises doesn’t mean anyone else should. That isn’t the responsible leadership Georgians deserve.”

Libertarian Ted Metz said:

“As an example of my ability to solve problems and cooperate with all parties, I have agreed to debate Stacey Abrams on Sunday as planned and to debate Brian Kemp on Monday at 7:30. This will allow WSB-TV to keep their commitment “to give Georgia voters what was promised so viewers and constituents can hear all candidates’ responses to pressing questions”

Republican Brian Kemp said:

“After repeated efforts to schedule a debate on the issues that matter most to Georgia voters, radical Stacey Abrams decided she would rather hide behind television ads paid for by San Francisco socialists than face the voters and defend her extreme agenda that will raise taxes by $13,000 a person, give welfare and voting rights to illegal immigrants, and usher in the government takeover of healthcare. 

“While Abrams has decided to duck the electorate, Brian Kemp will continue to travel the state on his Putting Georgians First Bus Tour. He’s proud of his record and confident that his plans for our state will keep Georgia working!”

Jessica Szilagyi is a former Statewide Contributor for

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