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Vidalia Onion Committee: Discover What Makes America’s Favorite Sweet Onion So Sweet at the Global Produce & Floral Show in Orlando

The Vidalia Onion Committee welcomes guests to learn more about what makes this sweet Georgia onion unique

Following another successful season for Vidalia onions, the Vidalia Onion Committee (VOC) invites attendees of the Global Produce & Floral Show in Orlando, Florida to visit its booth on October 28 and 29 and discover what makes these sweet onions America’s favorite.

At Booth 4747, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., visitors can learn more about what makes a Vidalia onion so unique, try the sweet onion in a chocolate chip cookie – an unexpected but delicious treat, send loved ones a special postcard with a tasty recipe using Vidalia onions, and more.

“We just wrapped up another great Vidalia onion season, including a second-year partnership with the Kentucky Derby,” said Cliff Riner, Chairman of the Vidalia Onion Committee. “We’re looking forward to kicking off the next season to keep Vidalia’s as the favorite sweet onion of America.”

The VOC has continued executing marketing strategies in addition to thorough research on growing methods and varieties, which have continued to support total sales of Vidalia onions. At the University of Georgia Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center, researchers conduct efforts such as exploring alternate planting methods and reducing nitrogen inputs for continuous improvements.

“Our goal is to ensure the quality of the Vidalia onion and look for ways we can implement more efficient growing practices to benefit our customers as new developments arise in sustainable agriculture. Our research program paired with merchandising tactics have continued to provide consumers with excellent Vidalia onions each season,” said Riner.

For the 2022 season, the VOC built upon its established relationship with Churchill Downs for another partnership in honor of the Kentucky Derby – back in-person for the first year since the pandemic – to demonstrate the culinary excellence of Vidalia onions, along with other efforts to put Vidalia’s on more tables across the country.

Discovered in the 1930s, Vidalia onions have continued to grow in popularity during their short window of availability each year between April and August. In 1986, the Georgia state legislature trademarked the Vidalia onion name with the Vidalia Onion Act, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a federal protection of Vidalia’s in 1989, which led to the start of the VOC.

Vidalia onions are grown in 20 South Georgia counties. Its specific growing conditions combined of weather, water and soil produce its sweet taste. The Global Produce & Floral Show booth is another way for the VOC to demonstrate the unique properties of this sweet onion and build intrigue and excitement for the 2023 season.

Visit Booth 4747 at the Global Produce & Floral Show and learn more about the Vidalia Onion Committee’s season highlights and what’s ahead. For more information on Vidalia onions, please visit and follow the season’s news on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest and YouTube.

SOURCE Vidalia Onion Committee

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