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Kemp Extends Suspension of Gas Tax and Supply Chain State of Emergency as Region Deals With Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Both orders will be effective through November 11, 2022

Governor Brian Kemp signed two executive orders Monday extending the temporary suspension of state taxes on motor and locomotive fuel as well as the supply chain state of emergency. As Georgia’s neighboring states of Florida and South Carolina continue recovery efforts following the severe damage caused by Hurricane Ian, the Southeast region could experience further supply chain issues and even higher demand on fuel supplies.

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As South Carolina and Florida contend with the damage caused by the storm, and as armies of linemen, emergency response crews, and volunteers continue to move to and through the region, fuel supplies could undergo even greater demand in the days and weeks ahead. Both orders will be effective through November 11, 2022, and can be seen below.

“While Georgia was largely spared the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, Florida and South Carolina endured both significant destruction and flooding,” said Governor Brian Kemp. “As we both pray for these neighbors in need and send resources and volunteers to aid in their recovery, we’re also bracing for the impact on already strained supply chains and prices at the gas pump that are already too high. While my executive orders cannot undo the mess caused by Washington, I hope that they alleviate some of the additional strain placed on Georgians by the lingering impact of this major storm.”

“The coupling of high inflation with natural disasters occurring in our neighboring states is putting more pressure on Georgians at the pump,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “I commend Governor Kemp for his leadership in extending the suspension of the gas tax and doing what is necessary to provide relief for all Georgians.”

“While our neighboring states are trying to recover from a natural disaster and Washington continues to fuel record inflation, Governor Kemp is leading to keep our people and our economy moving,” said Speaker David Ralston. “I appreciate Governor Kemp’s determination to spare Georgians some of the pain they continue to feel at the pumps due to high fuel costs. His continued coordination and partnership with the General Assembly on this important initiative is appreciated.”

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