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Georgia DOT awards August construction contracts for statewide transportation projects

The Georgia Department of Transportation recently reported that it awarded a total of 16 projects in August 2023 including reconstruction, safety, bridge construction, bridge rehabilitation and construction. Two Design-Build projects were also awarded in August.

The largest reconstruction project, worth approximately $42.6 million, will widen and reconstruct 2.6 miles of State Route (SR) 42 from south of SR 138 to I-675/SR 413 in Clayton and Henry Counties. This project also includes the construction of a bridge and approaches over Panther Creek. This contract, along with one other reconstruction contract, represents 57% of the funds awarded in the August letting.

Approximately $25 million, which accounts for 20% of the total award amount, has been awarded for four bridge construction projects. The most substantial among these involves the construction of two bridges and approaches on Tucker Road (CR 742) over I-475/SR 408 and over Rocky Creek in Bibb County.

Safety investments accounted for approximately 12% of the awarded funds. The largest project, valued at approximately $6.8 million, is for pavement marking upgrades along 27.4 miles of I-85 in Coweta and Fulton counties.

Approximately 8%, or $9.7 million, is designated for four bridge rehabilitation projects at various locations throughout the state. These projects are in the Northwest, Southwest and Southeast regions of the state.

One construction project, which will build a roundabout at the intersection of SR 11 (Winder Highway) and Galilee Church Road in Jackson County, was awarded. This project is valued at $3.3 million.

In August, two Design-Build projects were awarded valued at $182 million. The first Design-Build project, valued at $99 million, includes the design, construction, and installation of broadband, a reliable intelligent transportation system (ITS) communication network, and connected vehicle (CV) infrastructure along I-75 from the Florida state line to SR 92; I-475 near Macon from the southern limit of I-75 south of Macon, north approximately 16 miles to the northern limit with I-75 north of Macon; and I-575 from the southern limit of I-75 near Marietta north approximately 31 miles to SR 372 in Georgia. The second Design-Build project, worth approximately $83 million, will construct multilane dual roundabouts at each ramp terminal on SR 30/US 280 over I-16 Westbound and Eastbound in Bryan County. To learn more about these projects, please visit: Design-Build – Georgia DOT (

The August awards bring the total construction contracts for Fiscal Year 2024 to $536 million. This total includes TIA, Design-Bid-Build, and locally administered projects. Fiscal Year 2024 began July 1, 2023.

Award Announcement list (includes rejected and or deferred projects). Bids for Design-Bid-Build projects were received on August 18, and contracts were awarded to the lowest qualified bidders on September 1.

awarded contracts aug 2023 gdot

Supplemental Award Announcement (includes previously deferred projects that have now been let).

Contractors and consultants, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs), registered small businesses and veteran-owned small businesses interested in bidding on projects or performing work must prequalify with Georgia DOT. To learn more, please visit

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