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Georgia DDS: State-to-State Verification Cancels Multi State Credentials

Does this sound familiar? You drive in Georgia with a valid license but also spend the summer in Florida with credentials there as well. Florida now checks state-to state verification to prevent anyone from having records in two states. If you have two licenses or a license in one state and an ID Card in another, you will face cancellation. The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) urges customers check your license status at if this affects you.

The State-to-State (S2S) Verification Service is a means for a state to electronically check with all other participating states to determine if the applicant currently holds a driver license or identification card in another state. While this service has been available since 2015, many of Georgia’s neighboring states have now joined including Florida. This program stops those who are ineligible for a credential in one state to obtain issuance in a neighboring state eliminating unsafe drivers from being on the road.

“The mission of S2S is always highway safety.  One record per individual eliminates the opportunity for a suspended driver to be issued in a different state,” said Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. “It is also an identity theft deterrent.”

For complete driver education and issuance information including an easy license status check, please visit For more information on S2S, please visit the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) at

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