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Food Lion Feeds Donates Truckload of Water to Second Harvest of South Georgia

In the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia, Food Lion Feeds is responding to the needs of its neighbors in South Georgia, whom recent power outages have impacted. Providing support to partner food bank Second Harvest of South Georgia, Food Lion Feeds is sending a truckload* of 19 pallets of water. The Food Lion brand bottle water equals more than 40,000 pounds, or nearly 4,000 gallons. Food Lion Feeds was founded in 2014 by Food Lion to address food insecurity in the towns and cities it serves. Second Harvest of South Georgia serves 26 counties with branches in three cities.

“At Food Lion, we care for the towns and cities we serve because we know our neighbors and associates count on us every day,” said Angela Wheeler, Community Relations Specialist, Southern Division, Food Lion. “Part of demonstrating care is lending a hand to support our communities during times of need. We are humbled to assist our neighbors in South Georgia by providing cases of water that will help them as they recover from the effects of the hurricane.”

2023.09.04-Hurricane-Idalia-water-delivery from Food Lion on Vimeo.

An ADUSA Distribution associate supports Food Lion Feeds’ emergency-relief efforts by loading water onto a semi-trailer for delivery to Second Harvest of South Georgia in Valdosta, GA.

2023.09.04-Hurricane-Idalia-truck-departure from Food Lion on Vimeo.

The semi-trailer is set to deliver 19 pallets of Food Lion water by Tuesday, Sept. 5, to Second Harvest of South Georgia in Valdosta, GA, to support neighbors impacted by the power outages from Hurricane Idalia.

*Editor’s Note The delivery of the truckload of water is supported by the ADUSA Distribution Center in Greenville, SC. The ADUSA Distribution Center, Ahold Delhaize USA’s distribution and transportation company, supports Food Lion. Both Food Lion and ADUSA Distribution and Transportation companies are part of Ahold Delhaize USA, the U.S. division of Zaandam-based Ahold Delhaize. 

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