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Dept of Driver Services Expands Commercial Vehicle Testing Options

GA Department of Driver Services (DDS) is making it easier for customers to receive a commercial vehicle road test by increasing the number of third-party testing locations statewide. DDS has initiated a Pilot Program for Truck Driving Schools to become certified to test their students after successfully passing training courses which puts more commercial drivers on the road.

Three schools throughout the state have been added: Daly’s, Georgia Driving Academy (GDA) and the Truck Driver Institute (TDI). In addition, the Southeastern Linemen Training Center will soon begin testing their own graduates. Having these additional testing locations will help with the demand for commercial vehicle tests and get commercial drivers on the road faster.

“We are proud of our existing partnerships with 75 third party testers. These testing facilities have highly trained personnel who are qualified to administer the tests so that their students can get to work as soon as possible. These additional sites will expand the number of CDL drivers in Georgia and make it more efficient for those that require CDL testing with us,” said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore.

Third-party testing allows companies outside the state’s licensing system, such as driving schools or trucking companies, to test their students or employees and certify them for commercial driver’s licenses.

Brad Barber, GDA Campus President, said “I applaud Commissioner Moore and his CDL staff for the initiative to implement the Third-Party Tester Pilot Program with Georgia Truck Driver Training Schools. This is a Win-Win-Win Program, for the DDS, CDL Training Schools and most importantly our GA students. The Covid-19 Pandemic has shown everyone in America the importance of truck drivers. With over 70% of all goods being delivered by trucks, there is a critical need to keep our trucks rolling. The Third-Party Tester Pilot Program is allowing our students to enter the job market quicker and to fill that empty driver’s seat.”

DDS also encourages commercial drives to utilize the free mobile app, DDS 2 GO to keep track of your license status. The DDS 2 GO App allows you to keep track of your CDL status, view points, and receive push notifications about your license status and more while on the go. For more information on the DDS commercial driver program, please visit Information on commercial vehicle training, testing and the ability to schedule an appointment can all be accessed online as well as the DDS free mobile app, DDS 2 GO.

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